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General info about armenia

The Republic of Armenia is located in the South Caucasus. Its current territory is 29,800 km2. It is located on an average of 1800 meters above sea level. Armenia borders by Georgia from the north, Iran on the south, Turkey on the West, and Azerbaijan on the East. The highest peak is Mount Aragats, at a height of 4090 meters, the lowest is the Debed River canyon (400 meters). The capital of the Republic of Armenia is one of the oldest cities in the world - Yerevan, which is about 28 years elder than Rome. In 2018, Yerevan celebrated its 2800th anniversary with great festivity and numerous events.

Only two-thirds of Armenians around the world live in Armenia. According to 2006 data, the country's population is 3,219,400, of which 96% are Armenians. The absolute majority of the population is a follower of the Armenian Apostolic Church. National minorities living here are Russians, Persians, Yezidis, Georgians, Kurds, Indians and others.

Unfortunately, Armenia has no access to the sea. Hence, here you can reach either by plane or by land transport from Georgia and Iran. The main airport of the country is Zvartnots International Airport. The second alternative international airport is the Gyumri "Shirak" airport, which is 5 km from Gyumri and 120 km from Yerevan.

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. Its history began more than 2,000 years ago. Today Armenia is a small part of a historic country that has repeatedly mentioned the world's most famous historians in their works. Its territory is composed of 11 provinces, one of which is considered the capital of Yerevan. One of the largest collections of ancient manuscripts and medieval books, Matenadaran, is located in Yerevan.

Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion. The Armenian Apostolic Church is considered one of the oldest national churches and Christian communities. The spiritual center is the Mother Cathedral of Holy Ejmiadzin. However, tourists can see the monuments that are attributed to the period before Christianity days, for example the temple of Garni in Kotayk province.

The state language of Armenia is the Armenian which belongs to the Indo-European language family. The Armenian alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots in 405. One of the most important symbol of Armenia is the Biblical Mount Ararat, on which the Noah's ark was abandoned after the global flood.

Ancient 6000-year-old wine-maker in the world has been found in Birds Canyon near Areni village. Arenie still maintains wine traditions. It should be noted that as a result of excavations at the same site, the world's oldest 5500-foot shoe was also discovered.

Armenia attracts tourists with its unique and ancient architecture, culture, exceptional nature and hospitality.

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