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Hotels in yerevan

You travel to Armenia and need to book hotels and hostels in Yerevan? 

We can offer you the best hotels and hostels and help you to book it.

With our help you can find

  • Top 5 hotels 
  • Cheap hotels and hostels
  • Hotels and hostels in city center
  • All information about Yerevan hotels: address, phone number, location on the map, prices etc.

You can easily book a hotel  and get big discounts with Yerevan Card. Also benefit all advantages of Yerevan Card.

See the full list of Yerevan hotels in the “Hotels in Yerevan” section.

Book hotels and hostels in Yerevan

Hotels for every wallet. Yerevan Card’s main objective is to organize your travel or vacation in Armenia as efficient as it is possible. We cooperate with the best hotels in Yerevan offering the rates much-much lower than the rack rates of the hotels. Currently Yerevan Card users enjoy up to 40% discounts in 24 hotels in Yerevan, having advantaged reservation privileges. Please get acquainted with the hotels here.

Choose the one you are interested in, inform us via online chat at and we will provide you with all the necessary information within several minutes. Just maintain your preferences regarding (location, food and beverages, budget, inclusions and etc.).

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