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Harvest festival

The annual festivals play a major role in Armenia. Each of them has unique features and introduces Armenian culture and habits. The main festivals are the following.

The name of Festival


Festival place

New Year in Yerevan

Dec. – Jan.

Yerevan City Centre

Snow Art Festival - Snowman

17 February

Jermuk city

Dolma Festival

20 May

Hnaberd vil., Ararat region

Sheep Trimming Festival

9 June

Khot vil., Syunik region

Ecotourism Festival

16-17 June

Artavan, Vayots Dzor region

“Syunik’s goods” festival

7 July

Karahunj, Syunik region

Watermelon Festival

14 July

Swan Lake, Yerevan

Erevan Taraz Fest

4 August

Northern avenue, Yerevan

Honey and Berries Festival

13 August

Berd city, Tavush region

Beer Festival

18-19 August

Swan Lake, Yerevan

Barbeque Festival

18-19 August

Akhtala vil., Lori region

Rural Life and Traditions Festival

15 September

English park, Yerevan

Gata Festival

22 September

Khachik vil., Vayots Dzor region

Tea and Coffe Festival

28 - 29 September

Swan Lake, Yerevan

Wine Festival

6 October

Areni vil., Vayots Dzor region


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