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Color run in armenia

Yerevan Color Run 2017  will be one of the happiest and bright five kilometers in your life! It is a marathon and a party at the same time, which takes place in many countries of the world including Russia, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Ireland and since 2015 in Armenia! It is a run, which makes people happy! It is a run, in which your fitness level doesn’t matter! It is a run which takes place in the summer time, especially in July.
The thousands of runners will be doused from head to toe in absolutely harmless colors on several zones of the entire distance, so you will not recognize yourself and your friends on the finish! This is an entertaining marathon, so there will be no timing. The marathon ends up with an incredible Color Festival, music and party! To get ready for the run you should save the good mood and enjoy the atmosphere! 

16 July

08:00 Republic Square


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