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Best tours in Yerevan, Armenia – Free of charge with Yerevan Card

Do you want to get the best tours in Yerevan, Armenia?  Discover the history of the first Cristian country in the world? See the oldest Armenian monuments listed as the UNESCO world heritage site? Do you want to bake lavash (Armenian bread) and try legendary Armenian cognac?

Then you should visit here!

All of these can be found in Yerevan, Armenia. By the way, with the official tourist pass – Yerevan Card you can get ALL guided tours in Yerevan and Armenia for FREE. All the tours in Armenia include transportation service in comfortable vehicles (air conditioning, soft drinks and etc.) with the experienced professional drivers.

  1. FREE tour to Garni, Geghard – This is a “must see” place in Armenia. This guided tour will show you the Pagan temple located in Armenia. Garni temple included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next stop is in the Geghard monastery (IV cent.). After you will have the master class of national bread “Lavash”.  Traditional lunch included in this wonderful tour. You will taste Armenian national dishes - “Khash” and “Harisa”.
  2. FREE Yerevan city tour – Yerevan city tour provides an opportunity to hear the interesting comments about Armenian history, culture, architecture and the city's cultural values. The Yerevan city tour’s stops cover top attraction of the city.
  3. FREE tour in “Ararat” Brandy company – It will be difficult to imagine the Armenian holidays without legendary Armenian cognac. At “Ararat" Brandy factory you can learn about the history of the legendary Armenian "Ararat" brandy and taste different kinds of delicious and palatable cognacs. You can also have a great tour to the museum of the plant, be aware of the legend of brandy, see the oldest Armenian barrels and learn about 100-120-year-old Armenian brandies.
  4. Free tour in Megerian Carpet factory – Carpet weaving in Armenia has a centuries-old history. That’s why you need to participate in one of the best tours in Yerevan - Megerian Carpet factory tour and become a part of creation Armenian rugs. Here you can find different Armenian carpets, see the production process, learn about dyeing with natural materials and processing technologies.
  5. Wine tours in Armenia – Armenia is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world. Yerevan Card gives you the opportunity to explore Armenian winemaking. At our partner company, there is a wine tasting tour, during which the millennial history of Armenian wine is presented and the role of wine in everyday life and culture of the Armenian nation is shown. You will get acquainted with the main points of the preparation and serving of alcoholic beverages and the nuances of selection and maintenance.
  6. 15% discount for all Armenian tours – Yerevan Card serves as a discount card for getting 15% discount for all guided tours in Yerevan & Armenia. Must see places included: Tsaghadzor, Lake Sevan, Dilijan, Tatev, Khor Virap, Areni Winery, Zvartnots, Echmiadzin, Haghpat, Sanahin, etc. For the full list please visit Tours section. 

We offer you both regular and individual tours in Yerevan, Armenia. Some tours have seasonality. For the valid tours, please, visit the Tours section or send us an e-mail.

Yerevan Card gives the unique opportunity to DISCOVER the history and culture of one of the oldest countries in the world – ARMENIA, SAVE MONEY and TIME. Here you can feel the real hospitality, touch the history, listen to Armenian musical ancient woodwind instrument – Duduk, taste Armenian cuisine.

Why do you need to travel with Yerevan Card?

  1. Yerevan Card is the official tourist pass in Armenia. We provide Guaranteed High-Quality service in accordance with international standards. We are working with Yerevan municipality, Ministry of the culture of RA, Tourism committee of RA & more than 150 organizations. We have the largest list to plan and organize your unforgettable trip in Armenia.
  2. Yerevan Card is the easiest way to travel and save money. Free tours, free entries to museums, free transport, Big discounts will help you to PAY LESS. With the all-inclusive package, you will DISCOVER MORE and enjoy your trip.
  3. Yerevan Card is always with you. If you need to book Tours, Hotels, Apartments, Cars or you just need to understand the best places to visit? Call us 24/7. We are always happy to help you!!!

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