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Top things to do in Yerevan - Free with Yerevan Card

Travelers’ guide: How to spend 1 day in Yerevan!

Do you want to travel and explore Yerevan – one of the oldest cities in the world, but you have only a day? That’s not a problem! Yerevan is a major destination and it collects top activities, entertainment places, great museums, nightlife activates etc. So you will be able to visit the best places in Yerevan. You just need a good plan! Let’s create best day in Yerevan with Yerevan Card.

1. History Museum of Armenia

The History Museum was founded in 1919 in the First Republic. The museum keeps the national collection, which is exhibited in the departments of archeology, ethnography, numismatics and contemporary history. The items create a complete picture of the history and culture of Armenia, ranging from prehistoric times to the XV century. In the museum, you can find the cultural communications with Old East (Egypt, Syria, Iran, Rome, Byzantium).  Collections are periodically updated with new artifacts found during excavations on the territory of Armenia.

2. National Gallery of Armenia

National Gallery of Armenia is the country’s major art gallery. The rich gathering incorporates various national and worldwide fine arts, exhibits, from antiquated times to the present days.

3. Matenadaran

Matenadaran presents a collection of ancient manuscripts. Matenadaran named after Mesrop Mashtots is registered in UNESCO's World Network of memory. Here you can find the smallest book – Church Calendar from 1434 AC (weight 19g) and biggest one is Msho Charentir (1200-1202 AC), which weighs 27.5 kg.

4. Vernissage market

Vernissage is an open-air market, where you should come for locally produced handicrafts, unique examples of folk art, etc. Here you can easily buy the best souvenirs and presents and take a part of Armenia with you.

5. Taste Armenian cuisine dishes

In Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, you can taste Armenian dishes at quite affordable prices. Taste Armenian tolma, barbecue, harissa, as well as Armenian national gata, dried fruits, and, of course, Armenian national bread - lavash.

6. Ararat Cognac factory tour

Armenian cognac is one of the symbols of Armenia. Ararat cognac factory is one of the leading companies of the sphere. Yerevan Card allows you to participate in one of the famous tours in Yerevan – tour in Ararat cognac factory founded in 1887.

7. Yerevan’s evenings

Yerevan is fabulously beautiful by night. You can take the evening walking tour or just walk along the central streets of the city.

Cascade Complex

Cascade Complex is a famous place for Armenian people and the guests. Cascade complex includes the modern art museum, parks, cafes and restaurants frequented by locals and tourists. Classical and jazz concerts often take place at the Cascade during spring, summer and early autumn, with spectators sitting on the steps. At the top of Cascade complex, you will see the best panoramic view of Yerevan on the background of the majestic Mount Ararat.

Abovyan street

Abovyan street is considered to be the oldest and one of the most beautiful streets of the modern Yerevan. Here nice cafes and restaurants are located, where you can relax.

Republic Square

Republic Square is the central town square in Yerevan. The square includes 5 major buildings – National Gallery and History Museum of Armenia, Government house, Ministries and а hotel. The singing and dancing fountains at the Republic Square of Yerevan attract both travelers and locals. Operating between spring and fall, the fountains include a colorful light show and feature not only classical music but also pop, rock, and jazz. The shows begin at around 9 PM.

Visit the best places in Yerevan and enjoy your trip with Yerevan Card.

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