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Christmas and New Year Activities in Yerevan, Armenia 2020

New Year in Armenia is the most cheerful and beautiful holiday of the country, bringing great faith in the fulfillment of the most cherished desires, tables full of Armenian traditional dishes, festive streets and balconies of residential buildings, decorated with bright lights, mutual greetings, many gifts and surprises.

The celebration of the New Year includes many preparations: starting with the New Year's decoration of houses and apartments, ending with the preparation of festive dishes. Armenian dolma, made from traditional grape leaves, lean dolma from a mixture of cereals, rice, beans and peas, as well as pork, cooked in Armenian, various salads, unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of Armenian origin, including wine, cognac and champagne. It is important to mention the assortment of Armenian dried fruits and pastries, which are always amazed by their excellent and unique taste.

New Year in Armenia in ancient pagan times was celebrated in August and was called Navasard. It was a harvest celebration, during which people sought to express their gratitude to the gods for a happy year and the expectation of a good harvest. From here begins the tradition of creating a gorgeous table for the New Year and Christmas. Now people hope that the New Year will be as rich as their festive table.

Christmas in Armenia is celebrated after New Year. Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Feast of Jesus Christ on 6 January, however, the celebration begins on 5th of January, because the ecclesiastical day starts after 17:00 pm. At this time at all the churches the Holy Liturgy of “Chragaluyts” is served. "Chragaluyts" from Armenian language is translated as "to light a candle" and people take the candles from the church to their houses.

In Armenian families, Christmas is also marked by the preparation of special dishes: rice with dried fruits and raisins, special green dishes, homemade gata, which, of course, are combined with red wine, symbolizing the color of Jesus Christ’s blood.

Christmas and New Year's holidays are interesting especially for children who are looking forward to gifts from Santa Claus, a Christmas tree decorated with festive lights and toys, and all tasty dishes.

Every year in Yerevan, on New Year’s holidays, there are regular celebrations, concerts and children's performances that adorn Yerevan and give everyone a great mood.

New Year and Christmas 2020 in Armenia and Yerevan will also be celebrated solemnly. Interesting New Year programs are expected.

So, we present you a list of events of the New Year and Christmas 2020.

  • November 30 – Christmas Market, Embassy of Germany
  • December 5 – “Winter fairy tale”exhibition opening, 13:00-17:00, Yerevan History Museum
  • December 8 – New Year's exhibition and Christmas holiday, at 11:00, Ani Plaza Hotel
  • December 14 – Skating rink opening show, Winter Park
  • December 15 – Christmas market of handicrafts, at 11:00, Silk Road Hotel
  • December 21 – Yerevan Christmas tree lighting ceremony, at 20:00, Republic Square
  • 23 December – Santa Clauses' Marathon 2019, at 10:00, Republic Square
  • December 23 – Christmas Market - at 10:00, Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan
  • December 31 – Festive concert, Winter Garden
  • December – January – Christmas Market, Northern avenue

To be continued…

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