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Armenian traditional dishes

The fame of Armenian cuisine extends far beyond the country's borders. Armenian cuisine is as ancient as its history. Armenian culinary traditions are over 2000 years old. Traditionally Armenians cooked food on fire. In Armenia, the clay furnace called Tonir.  Tonir is used for cooking bread, mashes,fish and poultry, vegetables, and other dishes. Armenia, in general, has contributed a lot in terms of cooking. Another feature of Armenian cuisine is a great number of greengrocery and spices in the preparation of dishes. Fragrant spices are very popular, and Armenian cooks use 300 kinds of wild-growing grasses and flowers. All these features make Armenian dishes unique, unusual, delicious and fragrant. The most famous Armenian dishes and beverages are the following.
Soups in Armenian cuisine are very popular; they are cooked so skillfully that you'll remember their taste for the rest of your life.
The most famous Armenian soups are fragrant
khash, high-calorie bozbash, yaini, spas and so on.
Meat dishes 
There is a special interest of meat dishes in Armenian cuisine. The most simple and ancient dishes are the famous 
barbecue, kyufta, tisvzhik, dolma, ikibir,  and of course poultry dishes. They are cooked in the same way as they were 1,500 years ago.
Bread and dairy products
The traditional bread of Armenia is lavash which is loved all over the world. Armenian cuisine without lavash just does not exist. 
Dairy products are very appreciated by not only locals bu also by tourists. They are valued like bread and consumed both as separate dishes and seasoning to other dishes. The most known Armenian cheese is twisted
chechil. The most popular dairy product is matsun.

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