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In recent years, global trends of urban tourism have also become noticeable in Yerevan. The number of tourists visiting Yerevan is increasing year by year. Yerevan is one of the unique cities in the world with more than 2,700 years of history. The Guidebook  including in Yerevan Card Program package is designed to help tourists explore the whole beauty of Yerevan. The Guidebook contains complete information about sightseeing sites of Yerevan, historical and cultural monuments, museums, places of entertainment, hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants and other places. In the museum section, you can easily find the museums you are interested in.The Yerevan Guidebook is unique with its content and accuracy of information, it has been designed for tourists’ needs: information about museums, contact information, working days and hours, location on the map, metro stations, bus numbers and other useful information. Yerevan Guidebook includes a number of high-quality cafes and restaurants in Yerevan, where tourists can get acquainted with Armenian cuisine, tasting Armenian traditional dishes and drinks. The Guidebook also provides the best and most advantageous options for using Yerevan-Yerevan and Yerevan-based vehicles: The Yerevan Guide also provides information on important infrastructure such as hotels, addresses, phone numbers, etc. It is no secret that the most interesting places for tourists are the city's attractions. And the easiest and most effective way to discover them is by city tours. The Guidebook to Yerevan provides city tours, locations and hours of their launch. The tickets are free for Yerevan Card users. If you want to take some memories with you from Armenia, the Guidebook will help you as well because the Guide shows Yerevan souvenir shops where you can find unique souvenirs made by Armenian masters.  In conclusion, Yerevan Guidebook is included in the Yerevan Card package, it is intended for tourists and helps organize the entire journey from the moment of landing at the airport.

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