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Yerevan useful info

Yerevan is the largest city in Armenia, with a population of over one million people. To make your trip in Yerevan unforgettable metro is the most efficient type of transportation mean to travel in Yerevan. The metro connects different parts of the city. It has 10 stations. Using metro is the best way to you can avoid traffic jams in of street traffics in Yerevan.

How to arrive

 Zvartnots International Airport 

Zvartnots International Airport is the main air gate of the Republic of Armenia and it is located 12 km from the center of Yerevan. The most efficient way to get to the city center from Airport Zvartnots is the official taxi service of the Zvartnots airport.

Weather in Yerevan 

The best time to visit Yerevan is summer. It’s the time when you can enjoy to the fullest every single thing Yerevan has to offer from shopping to sightseeing. If you would like to visit Yerevan in spring, but you hate rainy weather then skip early spring. You should concentrate on late spring when everything in the city is in bloom.
Visiting Yerevan in fall would be a great option for people who love the mild weather when there is a little sun, but the weather is not cold.Yerevan falls are charming with trees dressed in yellow and red leaves. Fall is especially beautiful in October-November period when the leaves start falling off the trees.
To visit Yerevan in winter should be considered by all those people who like the cold weather, who are in love with the snow, who enjoy skating and simply who would love to spend a great time in a new and peaceful environment. One of the best places for skating is Swan Lake in the winter time in Yerevan.
Overall, Yerevan is a city, which you can visit in all seasons.
Armenian  weather at a glance;​​

  • Warmest month in Armenia: August
  • Coolest month in Armenia: January 
  •  Wettest month in Armenia: May
  •  Driest month in Armenia:  August 

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