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Karen demirchyan museum
Karen demirchyan museum
Karen demirchyan tangaran
Karen demirchyan

Karen Demirchyan was a prominent politician and secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia. In Karen Demirchyan Museum you can see a lot of works related  to his life and work. The primary purpose of the museum is to study Karen Demirchyan’s life and activity, to perpetuate the memory, patriotism, and humanism of Karen Demirchyan.

The demonstrative part consists of two floors, communicating with each other in the halls. The photos of Karen Demirchyan’s life are exhibited in the first great hall. The second hall is a memory room, furnished with personal furniture.

Here around the desk K. Demirchyan worked as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Armenia, and as a new president of the National Assembly of independent Armenia.


Adress 7 Ghazar Parpetsu Str.
          Yerevan 0079, Armenia

Tel +374 10 53-17-10


Open Working days
          Monday-Saturday: 10:30 - 17:00

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