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ararat brandy museum
ararat brandy factory museum
ararat museum

5 interesting facts about Armenian brandy

  1. "Ararat" cognac is one of the symbols of Armenia all over the world. In the cellars you can find individual barrels bearing the name of the presidents of various countries. 
  2. In 1900, samples of Shustov cognac were anonymously sent to the World Exhibition in Paris, where the Shustov received the Grand Prix and became the only non-French winemaker who were allowed to write on the labels a word “cognac” instead of “brandy”.
  3. During the aging of cognac about 4% of the entire volume evaporates. Considering that alcohol aging can last forever, these losses are huge. Cognac producers call these losses the "Angels’ share".
  4. Seventy-years-old Armenian ARARAT brandy was sold at auction in London for US $120,000. The special auction was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of former United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s death.
  5. You can visit Yerevan brandy company museum Free of charge with Yerevan Card.

What you can see in “Ararat” museum of Yerevan brandy company

 In the museum you can learn about the history of the legendary Armenian Ararat brandy, cognac production phases and taste different kinds of delicious and palatable cognacs. You can also have a great tour in the museum of the plant, be aware of the legend of brandy, see the oldest Armenian barrels and learn about 100-120 year old Armenian brandies. Walking around the aging cellar you will see how the brandy samples are preserved, enjoy the delicate aroma of the brandy and spend an unforgettable time in the tasting hall.

For the Free entrance to Yerevan brandy museum you can purchase Yerevan Card, which includes about 40 museums and has a lot of privileges that are intended to provide an interesting and economical trip for tourists. You can learn about Yerevan Card types here. If you have any questions or problems, please call (+374) 12 22 33 22, or write to our e-mail address and contact us by online chat.

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