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National Center of Aesthetics
National Center of Aesthetics
National Center of Aesthetics
National Center of Aesthetics

The first Children's Art Museum in the world was established in Yerevan on March 13, 1970 by the art critic Henrik Igityan and teacher Zhanna Aghamiryan. A little while later on the basis of this museum the National Center of Aesthetics (NCA) was established. It includes the Museum, teaching studios of fine arts and decorative applied art, the children's philharmonic society, two theaters and the musical school of national instruments. It has branches throughout Armenia. The Center provides artistic education for school-age children with unique methods.
For more than 40 years Children’s Art Museum has been representing children’s art as a part of the world culture. The museum has participated in many international exhibitions and has received many prestigious awards. The permanent collection has about 1000 works created by children, covering the whole diversity of artistic creativity: painting, drawing, applied art.

The Exhibition space used to represent different projects of the students of the NCA as well as for solo exhibitions. The Museum educates and develops taste, imagination of schoolchildren and reveals in them painting capabilities. The Center also publishes illustrated books.


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Adress 13 Abovyan Str.
          Yerevan 0001, Armenia

Tel +374 10 52-09-51


Open Working days
          Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00
          Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00
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