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garni temple
garni temple

5 interesting facts about Garni

  1. Garni Temple is the only surviving pagan temple in Armenia
  2. Garni historical-cultural complex was awarded by the UNESCO-Greece 2011 Prize after Melina Mercury
  3. The Cathedral has a night lighting system that allows visitors to see the reserve in the evening hours accompanied by music and discover the architectural, dimensional, sculptural and artistic design of the monument.
  4. The 24 columns of the temple symbolize 24 hours of the day
  5. You can visit Garni Free of charge with Yerevan Card.

Cultural Museum-Reserve includes the Garni castle (3-2 centuries BC), Pagan temple (77 AD), a mosaic floor, bath and palatial buildings. It is believed that the castle was founded in 2nd century BC and was dedicated to the god of sun Mithra. Garni is a unique ancient pagan temple. This museum is one of the most visited monuments in the republic. There is free Wi-Fi on the territory of the monument.

For the Free entrance to Garni you can purchase Yerevan Card, which includes about 40 museums and has a lot of privileges that are intended to provide an interesting and economical trip for tourists. You can learn about Yerevan Card types here. If you have any questions or problems, please call (+374) 12 22 33 22, or write to our e-mail address and contact us by online chat.

Free entry with Yerevan Card

Adress Garni village
          Kotayk Marz, Armenia

Tel +374 10 54-55-70


Open Working days
         Every day: 10:00-18:00

         During New Year holidays
         the museum works
         every day 10:00-18:00.