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Studio museum of Gevorg Grigorian
Studio museum of Gevorg Grigorian
Giotto museum
Studio museum of Gevorg Grigorian Giotto

The artistic and creative thinking of G. Grigoryan (Giotto) was developed in multiethnic city with the original colors- in Tbilisi. This great painter looked at life philosophically inspired by the progressive thoughts, he created the psychological portraits.

In the thematic compositions of Giotto, he often returns to his childhood years in Tbilisi and reproduces the atmosphere of the time, the lifestyle and habits. The works of still lives of G. Grigoryan are of great value. His paintbrush skillfully sculpts primarily in the simplest everyday objects placed on inclined planes, fruits and flowers.

Free entry with Yerevan Card

Adress 45a Mashtots Ave.
         Yerevan 0009, Armenia

Tel +374 10 58-01-79


Open Working days
          Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30-17:40
          Sunday: 10:30-16:30
Close Days off 

          During New Year holidays
          the museum will be closed
          30.12.2019 - 07.01.2020.