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Karmir Blur museum
Karmir Blur museum
Karmir Blur Teishebaini
Teishebaini Archaeological Site

TEISHEBAINI- The fortified city of Teishebaini was founded in 685-645 B.C. by Urartian King Rusa II, in honor of God Teisheba. It is situated on the Karmir Blur Hill in the south-western part of Yerevan suburb. The city occupies 100,0 ha and the citadel itself occupies 4,0 tha. It was an administrative and economical center with double-storied citadel, where workshops of ceramic, military and metalworking, storehouses of wine and beer, granaries, barns (ground floor), colonnade hall, living space (I floor) were situated. Archaeological materials which were found during the excavations might be seen in “Erebuni” Archaeological and Historical Culture Preserve, which is situated on the foot of Arin Berd Hill. 

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