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Military History Museum of Mother Armenia
Military History Museum of Mother Armenia
Mother Armenia museum
Military museum

Military Museum "Mayr Hayastan" introduces to visitors not only the history of the Second World War, but also the history of the liberation movement of Artsakh.

The facade of the building is a copy of one of the Armenian churches, and above the building stands “Mayr Hayastan”/ Mother Armenia monument. The museum presents the life and work of Armenian soldiers, heroes of the sixth division, as well as biographies of Armenian marshals and generals.

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is near the museum, the mall of Russian border guards, the tomb of the Armenian Marshal Bagramyan and other heroes.


Adress 2 Azatutyan Ave.
          0037 Yerevan, Armenia

Tel +374 10 20-14-00

Open Working days
          Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-17:00
          Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-15:00

Close Days off