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Russian Art museum of Yerevan
Russian Art museum
Russian museum

In the museum of Russian Art you can find the paintings, graphics, sculptures and another works of the masters from XIX century and from the beginning of XX. These masters play a vital role in the further development of Russian culture.

The museum is distinguished by different works of famous artists such as V. Serov, K. Korovin, M. Vrubel, M. Nesterov A. Benois, Z. Serebryakov, B. Kustodieve A. Golovine, Y. Lanseren M. Voloshin, K. Petrov-Vodkine, N.Reyrikhe, R.Falke P. Konchalovsky, M. Saryan, P. Kuznetsov, A. Lentulove, S. Sudeykine A. Tishlere and many others.

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 Adress 38 Isahakyan Str.
           Yerevan 0009, Armenia

Tel + 374 10 56-03-31


Open Working days
          Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30 - 17:00
          Sunday: 11:00 - 15:30
Close Days off 

          During New Year holidays
          Working days: 01.01-05.01 
          Day off: 29-31.12, 06.01