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Yell extreme park
Yell extreme park
Yell park
Yell extreme

Yell Extreme Park is located in Yenoqavan village, Tavush region. As the first extreme amusement park in Armenia, it gives an opportunity to do extreme sports without being a  professional.
The first zip-line flight took place in July 2015, a year later in July 2016 the quantity of
visitors surpassed 5000. In that period the activities were regularly accrued. Since November 2015 one can also paraglide or ride a bike in mountains.
In April 2016 the Rope Park was opened, a place, one can do  a
wide variety of sport elements such as rope climbing exercises, obstacle courses and zip-lines. Neither climbing techniques nor special physical fitness experience are necessary. 
Recently  two new  activities
adjoined the park - Paintball and Off-Road tours. You can try your forces in paintball, and if you love speed, you can join  our Off-road tours. Off-road is an activity that includes driving a vehicle off-road, riding on unsurfaced roads or tracks and overcoming gravel road surfaces, cobblestone and granite setts. You can also try horseback riding here. Soon there will be water activities in the park.
If you like adrenaline, new emotions and extreme sport and want to feel really alive, it's just for you.

10% discount valid for 1 year

Adress Yenokavan village
          Tavush Marz, Armenia   

Tel +374 41 01-00-30


Open Working days
          Every day: 10:00 - 18:00