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national gallery of  armenia
national gallery of  armenia
national gallery of  armenia

The National Gallery of Armenia is a special place among the cultural centers of the republic. The rich collection includes numerous national and international fine arts, decorative-applied art exhibits, from ancient times to the present days. The main core of the collection is Armenian art, which is represented by the most important stages of historical development - medieval frescoes and miniatures, church painting, sculpture, applied art, a brilliant constellation of modern and contemporary periods.

Foreign art includes the works of the Italian, Flemish, French and famous masters of other schools (Tintoretto, P. Strozzi, Van Gogh, P. Claes, Rousseau, J.. Falcone, R. Kent, etc).

The National Gallery of Armenia was founded in 1921 by the decision of Soviet Armenia, according to which one of the 5 sections of the State Museum had to be devoted to Art.

Famous Armenian painter Martiros Saryan is appointed as the first director of the National Gallery.The gallery is located on Abovyan street,  in the the building of the former  male gymnasium

There was also a library and a concert hall in the building. Orphaned migrants from Western Armenia have been living here on that time. That is why the museum has not had one single showroom.

The list of those invited to the opening ceremony of the National Gallery in 1921 has been preserved. Famous artists Karo Halabyan and Romanos Melikyan were among the invited guests. Officials, students, pupils, musicians and actors were also on the list.

The collection of the first exhibition of the museum was purchased from the 5th exhibition hall of the Armenian Artists' Union. The National Gallery is currently in the heart of Yerevan, on the Republic Square.

The gallery consists of a number of collections.

The   Armenian  collection is  documentary copies of Armenian medieval frescoes and miniature paintings.The works of the renowned Armenian miniature painters have their unique place in the gallery.

 The Russian painting collection is unique in the National Gallery . This collection has begun to form from the first years of the gallery's creation.

The works of the masters of Western European countries are also presented in the National Gallery of Armenia.

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Adress 1 Aram Str.
          Yerevan 0010, Republic of Armenia

Tel +374 10 56-74-72


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          Tuesday-Saturday: 11:00-17:30
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          January 3-5: 12:00-17:00

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