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What's included / Tours in Yerevan Armenia / ARMENIAN ALPHABET MONUMENT
Armenian Alphabet Monument
Armenian Alphabet Monument

Group Tour: Majestic Amberd: Saghmosavank monastery, Armenian Alphabet Monument, Amberd fortress, st.Gevorg church, chocalate making master class "Gurmet Durmet'

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5-6 hrs.



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01.05.2024 - 01.10.2024





01.10.2024 - 30.04.2024





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Guide Service: Russian or/and English guide
Comfortable vehicles transportation
Free Wi-Fi free-wifi
Bottled water bottled-water

Stop 1: Saghmosavank monastery

This tour takes you to explore one of the most beautiful gorges of Armenia: the Gorge of Qasakh River, famous for its beautiful churches standing right on cliff’s edge. The monastic complex included in this daily tour date back to the 13th century. Saghmosavank is translated as the monastery of psalms. According to the legend, the psalm singing of Gregory the Illuminator was heard for several miles, when he asserted in the caves underneath the church. It was also famous for its medieval manuscripts and book-repository.

Stop 2: Armenian Alphabet Monument

On the way we will have a stop at the Armenian Alphabet Monument, where you will be given the chance to find the first letter of your name and even snap a picture with it. Armenian is not only a very old language, but it is also an independent branch of the Indo-European languages, making it unlike any other tongue in the world.

Stop 3: Amberd

The tour will take you to the Amberd fortress, located on the slopes of Mount Aragats – the highest peak in Armenia. In the 13th century, the Zakaryan noble family started the liberation of Armenia from the Seljuk Turks from this very fortress. The name “Amberd” originates from the fact that the fortress is located at the altitude of 2300m above the sea level, translating as “Fortress in the Clouds”.

Stop 4: Masterclass

After an eventful tour, you will take part on chocalate making master class "Gurmet Durmet'.

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