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Tour languages: English, Russian.

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Erebuni museum, Echmiadzin (St. Hripsime, St. Gayane, Mother Cathedral, Treasury Museum), Zvartnots

Every Friday


8 hrs.

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A one-day historical tour in Armenia will give you an opportunity to fully expose Armenian history and culture without leaving Yerevan. During one excursion, you can get acquainted with the history and traditions of the world's oldest city Yerevan, Armenian carpet weaving, winemaking, religion and even pagan roots.

To feel this diversity, we offer you to join our Armenian historical excursion.

Stop 1: Statue of David of Sassoun

Statue of David of Sassoun is one of Yerevan's symbols. It is located in the Square of David of Sassoun near the South Caucasus Railway Station. The sculptor of the famous statue is the world-famous Armenian painter- sculptor Yervand Kochar, who is one of the founders of three-dimensional and kinetic painting. The first composite version of the statue was prepared by Yervand Kochar in only 18 days. The present monument was created in 1957.

Stop 2: Erebuni

The next stop of the historical excursion is the Erebuni Historical and Archeological Reserve-Museum. Here you can get acquainted with ancient history and culture of Yerevan. In the Museum of Erebuni - there is the first cuneiform inscription about the foundation of Yerevan (782 BC) as well as the material values which existed still in the beginning of III thousand BC and is considered unique throughout the whole the Middle East. The exclusive collection of the museum has been exhibited in the world famous museums such as Louvre, Metropolitan Museum, Hermitage and in many other ones.

Stop 3: One of the best ways of disclosing the Armenian traditions is to have a walk round the “carpet museum”. The historical tour in Yerevan also includes an interesting excursion towards the factory-shop of Armenian carpets. In the Megerian carpet you can have a look at the unique Armenian carpets and get acquainted with the dyeing technologies by means of natural substances.

Stop 4: Afterwards, within the frame of historical tour you will visit the city of Echmiadzin and the Mother Cathedral of Echmiadzin. One of the world ancient cathedrals, namely mother cathedral of Echmiadzin was built in the area where the advent of Jesus occurred according to the First Armenian Patriarch (All Armenian Catholicos/Holiness) Gregory the Illuminator’s dream. It is also considered to be the first mother cathedral of the antique Armenia. The church was built in 301-303.

Stop 5: After studying the history of Christianity you can also pay a visit to the Zvartnots temple/cathedral which is considered to be as a unique architectural structure and is involved in the world list of UNESCO heritage sites. Here the temple/fane of the pagan god Tir was situated. Then in the 7th century the Zvartnots temple or Saint Gregory Cathedral was built. The floor, somewhere the lower wall constructions, capitals, anchors, the sculptured sun-clock and the remnants of fresco, mosaics, etc. are currently preserved here.

Stop 6: The last stop of the historical excursion is the republic square. The governmental buildings, the History Museum of Armenia and the National Gallery are located in the main square of Yerevan, and in the centre the mosaic carpet is situated. In the evening you can enjoy the show of singing fountains in the square of the Republic of Armenia, which is accompanied by the flash-bang view. During the show holographic pictures appear on the screen generated from the water jets.







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