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Garni temple winter
Garni temple winter
Geghard monastery winter
sevan lake winter time

One of the most famous travel seasons for visit Armenia is the winter. Armenia is the country of mountains and sun, it is wonderful and magnificent in winter as well. The mountains, covered with snow, create an unimaginable landscape. Armenian Winter tours will give you the unforgettable emotions. Winter activities in Armenia is starting from December and includes hiking, skiing and it is awesome place for mountain lovers. Winter tours in Armenia is unique differ from spring, summer and autumn, but the famous destinations of Armenia you can visit also in the wintertime. Winter holidays tour - packages includes classic and extreme tours, so you just need to choose!

Explore the winter Armenia with us!

Winter tour to - Garni, Geghard, National bread “Lavash” baking and tasting, traditional lunch 

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Stop 1: Garni temple

Garni temple is located at the edge of a triangular cliff and surrounded by Geghama Mountains and Azat River. Landscape just next to Garni pagan temple is beautiful especially during the wintertime. All mountains covered in snow and just in front of magnificent white view is located the famous destination of Armenia – Garni temple. It is the only survived Greco-Roman building in Armenia and the former Soviet Union. Garni pagan temple built in the first century AD as a temple of sun god. This unique building is the symbol of pre-Cristian Armenia and one of the top places to see in Armenia in the wintertime. By the way, the UNESCO-Greece 2011 Prize awarded Garni historical-cultural complex after Melina Mercury.

Stop 2: Geghard Monastery

Second stop of winter tour in Armenia is Geghard monastery – the symbol of Christianity and one of the unique places in the world. The part of the monastery carved out of a mountain, that’s why the monastery first called Ayrivank or Monastery of the caves. The monastery was founded in the 4 th century by the First Catholicos of Armenia - Gregory the Illuminator. Then the monastery was named Geghardavank - the Monastery of Spear with which the Roman soldier had pierced the heart of crucified Christ, the so-called Spear of Destiny (now the spear is kept in the Echmiadzin).
Geghard is the significant monastery, designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site includes in this winter tour in Armenia.

Stop 3: Lavash Baking and Tasting

After exploring the history of Armenia and wonder two World Heritage Site by UNESCO, we invites you to participate the Armenian bread – lavash baking and tasting master class in local restaurant with the beautiful view to Garni temple.

Stop 4: Sevan Lake

1900 m above the sea set largest lake in the Caucuses region– Lake Sevan. Winter Sevan Lake changes the colors and shades from the blue to icy white with the thousand shades in between. In addition, snowy hills surrounded the lake creating the beautiful view. Cold winter has had its impact on the Sevan Lake-it started freezing over and became the ice rink. This high-mountainous lake is the favorite place for locals and travelers in Armenia, spatially during wintertime. By the way, just next to the lake, you can try Armenian lake fish – Ishkhan.

Traditional lunch during the tour includes Armenian made delicious fish, salads and drinks.

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