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Group Tour: Haghpat Monastery, Mikoyan house-museum, Sanahin Monastery, Armenian Barbeque making master-class and traditional full lunch

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Stop 1: Haghpat Monastery

The Monastery Complex of Haghpat is located in the village of Haghbat , Lori region.  Haghpat Monastery was founded in the X-XIII centuries by the royal Bagratuni dynasty.Of all the monastic buildings preserved - the main church of St. Nshan (967-991) with sculptural images from the outside and murals (XIII-XIV centuries) inside, the church of St. Gregory (1005) and a small dome church of St. Astvatsatsin (XII-XIII centuries. ), a refectory of the 13th century, a book depository of the 13th century, a tiered bell tower (1245), khachkars(cross-stones).

The Hghpat monastery was the largest scientific center with a rich collection of manuscripts. There were rooms for the census of manuscripts of the library, refectory and universities.  Since 1996, the Haghpat monastery is protected by UNESCO and included in the List of World Heritage Sites.

Stop 2: Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin Monastery is located in the village of Sanahin, Lori region.  Sanahin Monastery was built in 10th - 13th centuries. This monastery was the educational centre of Armenia. There were academies, libraries, scriptoriums and schools where the books were copied.
In the first half of the 10th century Armenian clerics expelled from Byzantium constructed St. Astvatsatsin (the Mother of God) in Sanahin. The main monastery church, Amenaprkich (962), Gregory Magistros academy (11 th century), the round St. Gregory the Illuminator temple (1061), scriptorium (1063) and belfry (13th century) were later built around it. The complex is under protection of the UNESCO.

This tour is also unique with its masterclass of Armenian Barbecue. You will have the opportunity not only to get familiar with the secrets of the traditional Armenian dish, but also taste it during the lunch.

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Guide Service: Russian or/and English guide
Museums' tickets tickets
Wine tasting wine-tasting
Comfortable vehicles transportation
Free Wi-Fi free-wifi
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Traditional lunch lunch
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