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YEREVAN ARARAT BRANDY-WINE-VODKA FACTORY historic area as a special place occupies museum, where preserved data about all the genius people that made great contribution to the development of the factory such as N. Tairyan, N Shustov, M. Sedrakyan, M. Musinyants, K. Silchenko. Their personal properties have been found in the factory and they are presented in the museum. 

Biblical Mountain Ararat has always been and still is the silent witness of the millennial history of Armenia. Ararat is a blessed mountain for the Armenians, which is a symbol of the motherland for every Armenian living in any corner of the world.  A barelief with the motives of "Noah descends from Mountain Ararat" canvas by Hovhanes Ayvazovski is placed in YEREVAN ARARAT BRANDY-WINE-VODKA FACTORY.

In 1827 in the area of the fortress when liberated with the help of Russian troops headed by General Paskevich  the  Russian writer Alexander Griboedov, being in Armenia, decided to stage his famous "Woe from Wit" performance. He was also present at the premiere.  There is a comedy performance barelief in the museum of the factory to remind this unique event.   

 In the museum there is a private information corner dedicated to the current owner of the factory Gagik Tsarukyan who is the creator of the new history. Here is also the evidence of the new achievements of the factory, which the enterprise has reached due to its daily and diligent work as well as its professional staff since its reopening.

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Adress 9 Admiral Isakov Ave.
          Yerevan 0015, Armenia

Tel +374 10 54-34-05


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           Saturday: 11:00-16:00
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