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noyan aygi
noyan aygi
noah's garden
noyan garden

The cultural exhibiton store “ Noyan aygi” has opened its doors in the village Garni,next to the temple. “Noyan Aygi” is a wonderful place for the people,who want not only to see and listen,also to take part in the ancient crafts as well,like woodworking,carpet weaving and pottery.Our guests have an opportunity to taste the Armenian delicious dried fruit and glamourous wine,to take part in baking bread,Lavash and Gata in tandoor,to do shopping  in our store taking with them Noyan’s goods.

20% discount valid for 1 year

Adress near the Garni Temple
          Garni 2215, Armenia

Tel +374 44 49-04-99


Open Working days
          Every Day: 10:00 -18:00