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One of the most famous travel seasons for visit Armenia is the winter. Armenia is the country of mountains and sun, it is wonderful and magnificent in winter as well. The mountains, covered with snow, create an unimaginable landscape. Armenian Winter tours will give you the unforgettable emotions. Winter activities in Armenia is starting from December and includes hiking, skiing and it is awesome place for mountain lovers. Winter tours in Armenia is unique differ from spring, summer and autumn, but the famous destinations of Armenia you can visit also in the wintertime. Winter holidays tour - packages includes classic and extreme tours, so you just need to choose!

Group tour to Tsaghkadzor, Ropeway, Lake Sevan, Dilijan, Haghartsin monastery (including traditional lunch).

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 11.11.2019 - 29.02.2020 calendar

Stop 1: Tsaghkadzor, ropeway

Winter vacations in Armenia are very intense, especially with the opening of the ski season! Tsaghkadzor is cozy city in Kotayk province of Armenia and one of the most popular winter and ski resorts.The nature here is indescribable in winter! Here you will see mountains, snow-capped peaks, picturesque valleys, dense forests, covered with snow. In Tsakhkadzor you will find all the conditions for a good winter rest and sport. It is also one of the best places in Armenia where you can spend the most long-awaited and beloved holidays – Christmas and New Year! In winter in Tsakhkadzor You can ride on the aerial cable car and enjoy the beautiful view of lake Sevan, Greater and Lesser Ararat.
In winter in Tsakhkadzor You can ride on the aerial cable car and enjoy the beautiful view of lake Sevan, Greater and Lesser Ararat. The Tsakhkadzor Ropeway with five stations and more than a dozen ski runs is located on a slope of Teghenis Mount from where all Armenia is visible at a glance. Now both the ropeway and the ski runs, equipped with the best technique and equipment, guarantee you, especially lovers of the ski resort, an active and safe winter holidays!

Stop 2: Lake Sevan

The high-mountainous Lake Sevan is the "pearl of Armenia". Lake Sevan - located at an altitude of 1,900 m above sea level in the center of the Armenian highland, 63 km northeast of the Armenian capital of Yerevan city and is the largest of the Caucasus lakes. In winter, Lake Sevan is especially impressive for its beauty. From all sides, Sevan is surrounded by snow mountain ranges, offering a stunning view of the mirror surface of an icy lake. In one of the local restaurants of Sevan you can taste delicious fish cooked in the best Armenian traditions. And you more than once want to return at least for the sake of it!

Stop 3: Dilijan

Explore fabulously beautiful Armenia in wintertime! We offer you to go to the Snowy Armenia and spend the best winter vacation here! Dilijan is surely included in winter tours as one of the best winter resorts! Dilijan is located in Tavush region, in the Aghstev River gorge among coniferous woods. In winter, dense Dilijan forests are covered with a magical white color that turns the city into a fabulous place. Lovers of winter vacations will not be able to get around Dilijan. In winter Dilijan, you can walk through the old town and admire the buildings in the same architectural style, with an abundance of wood and carving, which makes the street very intimate and airy at the same time, and conveys the colorfulness of Armenia. After walking around Dilijan city, you will visit the geological museum, where more than 1017 archaeological finds are stored, including graphic works, drawings, sculptures, silverware, coins and other interesting artifacts.

Stop 4: Haghartsin monastery

Winter tours in Dilijan also include one of the most beautiful monasteries – Haghartsin. Haghartsin is the monastic complex of the 11th – 13th centuries. It is the canyon’s jewel, one of the most mysterious places in Armenia. Hagartsin monastic complex is located high in the woody mountains, where there are eagles and the name of the monastery from Armenian is translated as “games of eagles”. Especially Haghartsin is beautiful in winter among the wooded snowy mountains.



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