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What's included / Tours in Yerevan Armenia / SEVAN, NORATUS, JERMUK

Group Tour: Sevan Lake (Hayravank), Noratus Cemetery, Selim Pass, Jermuk, “Hin Areni” winery (excursion and wine tasting), (traditional lunch)

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Stop 1Sevan Lake (Hayravank)

The high-mountainous Lake Sevan is the "pearl of Armenia". Lake Sevan - located at an altitude of 1,900 m above sea level in the center of the Armenian highland, 63 km northeast of the Armenian capital of Yerevan city and is the largest of the Caucasus lakes. From all sides, Sevan is surrounded by mountain ranges, offering a stunning view of alpine lake.. The lake is famous for its purest fresh water, and pure mountain air has a beneficial effect on health. Hayravank monastery is an Armenian architectural monument built in the 9 -13th century, in the Hayravank village, on the coastal foreland of the Sevan Lake. We are in a broken state, without the dome, the church and the courtyard are preserved. The monastery reached us in a dilapidated form, without a dome. The church and the porch were preserved.

Stop 2: Noratus Cemetery, Selim Pass

The trip will continue along the shore to reach Noratous, a village which is home to the largest collection of the Armenian Khachkars – stone steles engraved with a cross, designed to show the way to salvation. According to the legend, Hayk – the ancestor of all Armenians – ordered his people to decorate every single stone in Armenia, which is why you will see some 3000 of these decorated stones, depicting various stories from different ages. Selim Pass is a mountain pass in Armenia. It is located at an altitude of 2 500 meters. From the pass, beautiful views of the surroundings open up: a wide and spacious valley covered with green grass is crossed by babbling brooks and winding ribbon of the road. A unique panorama opens from the top of the pass.

Stop 3: Jermuk

After Selim Pass you will continue the trip to Jermuk that is positioned within forests and mountains, on a little plateau, 2080 m above sea level; the plateau is partitioned into two parts by the Arpa river gorge. Jermuk is widely recognized with its curable water. Jermuk waters were reliable means of treatment of numerous illnesses for hundreds of years. The town  is unique with its fantastic waterfall. The waterfall has 72 m. top and spilling slant into Arpa River. The waterfall sometimes called Mermaid hair. Jermuk has pretty a protracted history however the modern town was founded only in 1940, after the development of the first sanatorium. Nowadays Jermuk is popular with its modern and cozy sanatoriums.

Stop 4"Hin Areni" winery

Areni is the birthplace of winemaking. Viticulture on the territory of Armenia originated many years before our era. In Armenia, grows a lot of wild vineyard, and a large number of local varieties of grapes. And here there is the oldest winery of Armenia, where you can taste the most delicious wine from the best varieties of grapes.

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Wine tasting wine-tasting
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Traditional lunch lunch
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