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You have the opportunity to use ggTaxi service and get a free transfer service from “Zvartnots” International Airport to any point in Yerevan оr from Yerevan to the airport. The "gg" service has more than 11,000 registered users, large number of drivers and thousands of happy customers. After the Yerevan Card purchase or booking you will receive an email, where you can find your "gg" personal login and password. Let's take a step-by-step look at how Yerevan Card owners can order the "gg" and get free transfer.

Download the gg application

Sign in with the password

Enter your personal login and password

Click the Continue button to confirm your location

Your location can be automatically specified, but if you want to update your location, you must click on the circle button on the right side of the screen. After that, the map will indicate the address where you want to order a car. We are highly recommended to check whether your location is correctly displayed on the map (GPS may not be available at this location or show the location with a few meters wrong). If your location is not automatically specified, you can do it manually.

Mention your location

Press the gg button

Specify the address where you need to go

Click on the REQUEST button to order the taxi

After pressing the Confirm button, the nearest free driver will accept your order. You will see that the driver has accepted your order, after which you can see the name of driver, car type, numbers and color.

When the car reaches the location specified by you, you can see "gg car is in place" or "gg car is waiting for you". After completing the order, you will receive a message that the order is complete. If you want to pay by cash or by card, you only need to change your payment method and attach your bank card. In the App you will see a comment field where you can describe your location in more details. The comment is sent to the driver, which makes it easier to find your location. There are cases when your location is on the spot, but the address field is not correctly written (the map automatically generates the address). In such cases, you can use the comment field to indicate the correct address

How to cancel the order?

Until the driver accepts the order, you have the opportunity to cancel the order. You can cancel the order by clicking on the trash in the top right corner. If the driver has already accepted an order, you can cancel the order by contacting the operator.


Adress Mamikonyants St., 44/4 Building

Tel +374 12 22 33 22