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You have the opportunity to use "gg" service and get a free transfer service from “Zvartnots” International Airport to any point in Yerevan оr from Yerevan to the airport. The "gg" service has more than 11,000 registered users, large number of drivers and thousands of happy customers. 

With Yerevan Card you get the free airport transfer from "Zvartnots" International Airport to any place or vice versa.

If you have bought the Yerevan Card online, after receiving confirmation of the purchase by e-mail you can be sure that you already have the option of one-way airport transfer.

If you have bought the Yerevan Card at our sales point at the airport (the office of the official national postal operator of RA - "Haypost"), you can use your free transfer from the airport to any address of the Yerevan city just after the purchase.

For using your transfer properly you need:

- To email us your flight details (flight number, arrival date and time) in advance, as well as the address where you need to depart from the airport. (in case of online purchase)

- Upon arriving in Yerevan (in case of buying at the airport - after the purchase) you need to connect to the airport's free Wi-Fi and write or call us at +37444604080 via Viber or Whatsapp to describe your appearance, outfit (other signs that will help the driver easily recognize you), specify the exact time, when you are ready to meet the driver and wait for Exit 1 at the time you set. In response to your letter, we will provide you with relevant information about the approaching car (type, color, number plate).

- Please wait at the exit (checking the internet connection during all this time in order not to lose contact with us) and be sure to identify the data sent you before sitting in the car.

If you bought the Card from the office or at a sales point in Yerevan and want to use free transfer to the airport, you need to contact the above mentioned number, informing us about the day of departure, the time and the address where the car should be for the transfer.

If you do not need one-way airport transfer, you can use this opportunity as 2 free taxi rides in Yerevan (6-8km each one). In this case also you will need to inform us about the ride details in advance.


Adress Mamikonyants St., 44/4 Building

Tel +374 12 22 33 22