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Yerevan museums

Visit 40 museums of Yerevan – Free of charge with Yerevan Card!

It is known that tourists are mainly interested in country’s culture and history. One can get acquainted with it during the visits to museums. That's why museums have become one of the most important infrastructures of strategic importance in the tourism sector. Just like in other cities around the world, in Yerevan you can witness tourists trying to mark the museums they are interested the most and they plan to attend during few days on the map.

Armenian museums are spanning the glorious pass of the Armenian people. By visiting our museums, majority of which are located in Yerevan, you can get acquainted with the beautiful monuments, historical events, culture, works of famous artists of all time, to see a items that have over 2000 years of history

By using the services of Yerevan Card you will have an opportunity to enter more than 40 museums free of charge. Get the card and use tourism services of Yerevan – save your time and money. The Yerevan Card package includes specially designed map, where all the sights of Yerevan are marked. It also includes a guidebook, where you can find full information about all the museums, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, pubs and other leisure centers. Yerevan Card will give you free access to many museums, free and discounted other services, and finally, it will let you plan the days spent in Yerevan efficiently. 

Considering that the number of visitors of museums is decreasing since 1997 International Council of Museums is organizing “International Museum Day” on May 18. The aim of the event is to increase the importance of museums in social-cultural life. Every year Armenia is participating in European event - “Museum Night”. During this event you can enter all the museums free of charge.  The event is creating warm cultural atmosphere in the city and “infections” everyone with museum entering mood..

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