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Tour in Yerevan

Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world which was founded over 2800 years ago. It isn’t an easy task to discover a city with such history and culture in a few days.

Yerevan card includes such services that will give an opportunity to discover Yerevan in the easiest way. 

As it is known the cultural life of the city isn’t reflected only in museums. In Yerevan you can participate in different types of tours. All of them have one goal. Discover the sightseeings and cultural monuments of Yerevan.

We offer to discover the city out of box thinking. For example: Visit places of entertainment, pubs, get acquainted with national cuisine and, most importantly, communicate with people.

Through this guide we would like to help you to select the most preferable tour in Yerevan to organize your day in the most efficient way, as the meaning of Yerevan card is exactly this.

Classical Tour in Yerevan

Choose an official Yerevan tour and get acquainted with the sights and historical monuments in Yerevan. This tour is one of the most convenient in Yerevan because you can choose the language you want and discover the city through Audio Guide. Due to Yerevan Card you will have an opportunity to use this tour free.

Free Walking Tour in Yerevan

Through this tour, you can get acquainted with historical monuments in the center of Yerevan, history of their creation and further development, architectural features. During the tour the history of Yerevan is also presented.

Wine tour in Yerevan.

Armenia is considered to be one of the cradles of traditional winemaking. Therefore it is always recommended for the tourists visiting Armenia to get acquainted with traditions of production of wine, by visiting wine factories or one of the taverns.

Yerevan card gives opportunity to visit ''Maran'' Wine Factory and participate a 1.5 hour lasting tasting tour getting acquainted with the millennial history of Armenian wine.

Carpet weaving tour

Carpet carving is one of the reflection of the Armenian people during their long history. This art branch has a special place in the life of the Armenian people.

Today, the best traditions of Armenian carpet weaving continue. We offer you tour guides to discover Yerevan's carpet shops, where you can see both old and new samples of Armenian carpet-weaving and participate in master classes. And with the Yerevan card program, you can take part in the tour-visit of one of the most famouse carpet-makers in Yerevan ‘’Megeryan Carpet’’ Gallery, to get acquainted with samples and make purchases.

Armenian cuisine

One of the best ways to get acquainted with any country is the kitchen. This is particularly relevant to Armenia.

While walking in Yerevan you should definitely visit restaurants representing national cuisine and taste Armenian unparalleled dishes which will surely make you want to visit Armenia again. Usually you can listen traditional Armenian music and watch dance performances.

Cuisine tours are usually included in classical Yerevan tours. Yerevan card users can visit the most popular restaurants in Yerevan with discount.


The open air market, Vernissage, is considered one of the most enchanting corners of Yerevan, where you can get acquainted with the works of Armenian artists, buy souvenirs symbolizing Armenia and see craftsmen's handmade works. Vernissage market is one of the most favorite places for tourists in Yerevan. It especially attracts passersby by Armenian colors. Therefore, we recommend tourists include this place in your tour.

Yerevan Hotels

Hotels are considered one of the most important infrastructure in tourism. When organizing your tour in Yerevan, we suggest to choose from the list of hotels and guesthouses/hostels available on our website using the Discount System offered by Yerevan Card.

Test tourist color of Yerevan

Tourists are especially attracted by the tourist color or atmosphere of any city. Аs a tourism-forming infrastructure it is necessary to separate souvenir shops. Yerevan is not an exception. In the souvenir shops of the city get aquented with the Armenian history and culture. The works of Armenian masters presented in the shops are unique and unusual. Most souvenir shops are located right in the center of town and very convenient to visit them within the Yerevan tour.

The next important infrastructure is cafes. The number of customers in many cafes in the city, particularly the number of tourists, may vary greatly. Yerevan Card program has revealed the frequently visited places in Yerevan and included them in the package. You have a great opportunity first to see the list of all the interesting cafés in one list in Yerevan, then go there with a discounted option.

Transportation in Yerevan

The main problem for a tourist is to get from the airport to the city or to the hotel. What to do when you are at ''Zvartnots'' Airport? The official version is  "Airport" taxi service. With the help of Yerevan card, you can use this service to reach the place you need inYerevan with comfortable cars absolutely free.

During Yerevan tour sometimes it is necessary to appear in different parts of the city in a matter of minutes. In this case, we recommend to use Yerevan Metro, which is the best means of transportation especially for tourists. Through Yerevan card you can travel in Yerevan Metro free.

During Yerevan tours, visit Yerevan green parks where you can relax and get out of the city. In the evenings you are waiting for the unique singing fountains of the Republic Square, which bring together the locals and tourists around them.

Later, when you have finished your tour, we invite you to visit Yerevan clubs and pubs, share your day impressions with locals or tourists. Yerevan Card is the partner of the city's best clubs and pubs, and offers tourists great discounts on these places.

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