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News / Yerevan Card - The official tour partner of 10th ENQA GENERAL ASSEMBLY


“Global Colibri” LLC is currently the official tour partner of the 10th ENQA GENERAL ASSEMBLY, which is hold on 17-18 October in Yerevan, Armenia. The event is organized in cooperation with the National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA). 

The program of the 10th ENQA General Assembly will focus on the higher education quality assurance for the future and ENQA’s role to play in all upcoming developments. Participants will be offered a chance to present a thematic poster on various topics and share their challenges and best practices.

The General Assembly on Day II allows members to conduct statutory procedures, during which time they will – among other things – participate in the election of Board members. 

Yesterday (16.10.2019) our company managed a pre-event tour for discovering Armenian culture in all its glory. The participants visited Geghard Monasstery, Garni temple and they participated in the master class of making armenian traditional barbeque and tast it in the Noyan Garden cultural center. 

For today they attended the ENQA Strategy 2021-2025 presentation, where they shared their thematic poster on various topics and their best practices. After the presentation they participated in Board members election.

Finishing the program, all guests are going to the Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin, and visit the Treasury Museum before the dinner begins. The dinner will take place in Agape restaurant, a one-of-a-kind location with authentic Armenian cuisine that has been hosting guests since the 17th century. There they are going to get acquainted with Armenian Culture and take part in masterclasses on Armenian traditional dances. 

For those staying in Armenia after ENQA’s General Assembly, we have also arranged an optional social program. Tomorrow, they are going to participate in a walking tour from the venue hotel to the Matenadaran of Armenia. The participants, during the walking tour, will have a great opportunity to discover the ancient history and richest culture of Yerevan.

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