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The Yerevan card, though not much advertised, is the official tourist pass that can be purchased by those staying in Yerevan for a longer duration and keen to exploring its many museums and tours without any additional charge for every attraction. Passes are available for 24-72 hours along with an unlimited time option (ranging between $29-51) that is valid for 12 months, allows free entry to 20 museums and attractions, free participation in official city tours and subway and taxi rides. Plus it can also be used to get substantial discounts for shopping from many partner stores and dining in partner cafes and restaurants.

The card can be purchased online or in person at one of the many sales points in the city and at the airport, and a guide book, mobile card for Internet, tour and transportation transfer coupons and a city map come with the package. You can also download a handy app to navigate through the different attractions in the city.

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Yerevan Card 24
yerevan card for  Children 24 hours
Yerevan Card 48
yerevan card for Children 48 hours


1 day / 24 hours -
36 USD
1 day / 24 hours -
31 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
47 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
38 USD