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The presentation of two projects - the guidebook “Yerevan in Your Pocket” and “A Living Painting” has been held at Yerevan History museum.

The “Yerevan in Your Pocket” guidebook is in English and was published by the Municipality of Yerevan in 2019. The idea of the project was to provide tourists with complete information about the places of interest and peculiarities of Yerevan. This book acquaints tourists with the historical monuments, churches, bridges, cultural centers, entertainment places, international organizations, restaurants and cafes and all the places which can help a foreigner become more familiar without the national peculiarities.

It is also a road guide where maps, addresses, phone numbers, websites, e-mails working hours and other useful information is provided. According to the head of the tourism division of Yerevan Municipality the guidebook has been presented in many countries. The book is not for sale and is given only to the tourists visiting Armenia, to tourist info-centers and its version in other languages will be published soon.

The second presentation, the “Living painting” project has innovative concept. The pointing “Builders of Yerevan” painted by Armenian painter Vahan Khorenyan, which is kept in the museum, was presented in animated version. The atmosphere of the painting and its characters were revived in the picture, and the animation was presented in Armenian. The versions in English and Russian will be presented soon as well.

The “Living Painting” program is available at the museum till the end of the year.

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