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News / “Yerevan Card” – A tourist can buy it before arriving in Armenia and gain advantage of numerous opportunities

The “Yerevan Card” project will give the tourists visiting Armenia an opportunity to enter over 40 museums, entertainment places, as well as participate in excursions in Yerevan free of charge. The card also gives an opportunity to be transported from “Zvartnots” airport by car to any place, make use of the subway free and receive discounts in over 150 partner organizations. The official launch of the project was heralded on June 30 at the National Gallery of Armenia.

“The project is meant to make historical-cultural heritage and places of special interest for tourists more available. It’s an electronic single package by which a tourist can acquire a lot of information about Yerevan before arriving in Yerevan. One can buy the package online and gain advantage of numerous opportunities”, Project Manager Armen Baghdagulyan told “Armenpress”.

According to Deputy Minister of Culture Arev Samuelyan, the creation of the card and putting it into operation was a long process. She noted that nearly 2 years were spent on doing market research. “This is the first project of this kind in the region, but it successfully operates in a number of European countries”, she said.

"Yerevan card" is activated after the card owner or the employee of the museumattraction, tour or entertainment venue writes the cardholder’s name/surname, activation date and time on the card and scans it using the terminal (card reader). After the cards activationthe program starts countdown of hours corresponding to the number of hours on the card type. As soon as the limit is reached the card deactivates free entrees, but you can still enjoy discounts and special offers for a whole year. “Card with unlimited time” is valid for 12 months after activation. Free access institutions involved in the card are marked with a special sign in the guide, official web page and in the mobile application.

"Yerevan Card" is for individual use only. It is the property of “Global Calibri” LLC. After the activation the card can’t be returned, transferred to other individual or exchanged.

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1 day / 24 hours -
35 USD
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30 USD
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45 USD
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36 USD