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The annual Tea and coffee festival will be held on October 19-20, 2018, in the territory of Swan Lake in Yerevan. It will become a real celebration for lovers of this aromatic and refreshing drink. All participants will have the opportunity to enjoy coffee and tea, delicious desserts, as well as to buy various types of coffee and tea at wholesale prices. Guests will participate in the peculiarities of tea ceremonies of different peoples of the world (Vietnam, China, India, Korea) and get acquainted with their national traditions of tea making and drinking. Armenian herbal and mountain teas will also be presented during the festival. 

Within the framework of the festival will be held:

1. Tea bunfight Master-Class by professionals,
2. Barista Championship with an international jury,
3. Traditional divination by coffee ground,
4. Jazz and pop music,
5. Award nominations in different categories,
6. Exhibition-sale of tea, coffee and accessories.

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