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According to the post of the founder of the project “Invest in Armenia” Hovsep Patvakayan, a new restaurant offering a fly dining experience will open in Armenia’s capital Yerevan in April, 2019. The new restaurant will be similar to restaurant “Dine Sky” in Dubai.

The deck with a dining table in the middle and 22 chairs around will go up 50 meters in the air, lifted by a crane with the visitors offered to dine with a unique aerial view of downtown in Yerevan. The restaurant will be available all season long, including in winter with a deck designated for 16 people.

The guests will be able to rotate chairs at 180 degrees, recline the seats back and even lie down. The restaurant will be three times affordable comparing with similar restaurants in other countries and will cost around 45 USD including food. The visitors will be offered to order the menu in advance that will comprise starters, the main dish and dessert.

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