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The Open Air Poster Exhibition titled "The Future Thinker" is held In Komitas Pantheon. It is dedicated to Komitas Vardapet's 150th birth anniversary. 15 artists from Armenia, Poland, France, Belgium, and USA have created in the genre of poster art inspired by Komitas's heritage, expressing it with their modern understanding and perspective. In their interpretation, the artists offer a contemporary and sensitive vision of the inexhaustible and multifaceted legacy of Komitas. The exhibition was thought of as an exercise de style where to create the posters, the artists used a variety of techniques, such as illustration, graphic design, photomontage, typography, paper-cut work. The exhibition, thought and installed open air, is emphasizing the link between art and nature and symbolically reminding the origins of Komitas's work. The exercise de style also unfolds in the installation, where instead of the wall, it is around the trees that the posters are intended to be seen. Changing the public space generally related to posters, the park replaces the street and the tree replaces the wall.


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