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In Armenia, the development of the tourism industry, along with the old directions, is beginning to demand and offer new ones, which are not well known, but can give new breath to travel packages and tourism. Recently, the cave-fortress complex Zarni Parni is a new unique direction. This combination of nature and human art creation is designed to protect the most famous medieval monastery Haghpat. In order to fill the information gap about Zarni-Parni, we are going on July 22 at 19:00 on Abovyan Street 2 to attend a seminar lecture on this topic.

During the seminar material will be presented in the form of a presentation. At the seminar will be presented:

  • the historical past of the complex,
  • his role
  • the current situation,
  • possible participation in tourist routes and packages (discussion).

The seminar is intended for representatives of the industry (guides, tour managers, professors of the tourism industry) and all interested persons.

To participate, please call +37412223322

The workshop/seminar includes two separate stages: the theoretical part and the visit to Zarni-Parni.

Cost of participation:

  • The theoretical part: 3000 AMD - 07/22/2019
  • Visit to Zarni Parni: 7000 dram - 07/29/2019

The cost of visiting Zarni Parni includes:

  • Convenient transfer to Mercedes Sprinter
  • Entrance to the cave-fortress complex Zarni - Parni

For students there are discounts. The seminar will be conducted by the profecional guide Roland Tmoyan.

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