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1. Basic Concepts

  1. Parties – Yerevan Card operator (hereafter referred to as the program or Operator), Customer.
  2. Operator — “Global Colibri” Ltd, which issues and sells the e-cards for the tourists.
  3. “Yerevan Card” – E-card, which entitles its owner to special admission terms to visit historical and cultural centers and other partner attractions/venues included in the program.
  4. Official website – Operator’s webpage is at, designed for installation and dissemination of information about products and services, and online store, where Yerevan Card can be purchased/ booked.
  5. Order – an accordingly completed website form with the purpose of purchasing the Yerevan card. The cost of the order is defined on the bases of the current price, published on the official webpage of the Operator at the moment of purchase (regardless of the planned activation period).
  6. Customer - Adult individual, using a bank card or other electronic payment systems, who completed an online order form and uses the information about Yerevan Card published on the official web page. 
  7. Cardholder – 10+ years old individuals, who can use all Yerevan Card’s benefits.
  8. Bank Card – a tool, allowing its holder to carry out the operations with funds deposited at the issuing bank in accordance with the Armenian law and contract terms of the issuing bank.
  9. Electronic wallet/money - Money systems, which can be used to make a payment.
  10. Voucher – a document in paper or electronic format, with a unique number confirming the Payment by the Customer and intended to receive Yerevan Card.
  11. Redemption Point – a point, where vouchers can be exchanged for Yerevan Cards.
  12. Sales Point – a point, where Yerevan Card can be purchased either for cash or with a credit card.
  13. Payment – fund transfer from the Customer`s account to the Operator`s account in the amount equal to the order cost. Payment can be done using Bank Cards, Electronic money, bank transfer or Payment terminal.
  14. Payment System – united financial institutions worked with each other on a contractual basis, including software and technical facilities providing informational and technological interaction required for settlements between the Operator and the Customer.
  15. Payment – Confirmation that money has been written off the Customer`s Bank Card or E-Wallet
  16. Online purchase – payment for the order via official web-page and confirmed by the Voucher, which is exchanged for Yerevan Cards at the Redemption points.
  17. An order providing – the free exchange of the Voucher for Yerevan Card at the Redemption points.
  18. Partner Organization - Museums, excursions, and other organizations that entitle Yerevan Card owners to visit special admission terms.
  19. Refund – refund of the Payment to the Customer Bank Card, made in accordance with the Agreement terms.
  20. Rules and regulations of payment systems – a set of documents that regulates VISA and Master cards, Pay Pal and the activity of ArCa payment systems.
  21. Delivery – additional free service in case of online purchase or booking of Yerevan Card.

2. The subject of the Agreement

  1. The Agreement regulates activities of the Customer when obtaining information, online purchasing or filling the Order form on the official website.
  2. The Agreement has legal force and concluded between Operator and Customer regulated the terms of use of Yerevan Card in accordance with article 442 of Civil Code of RA. The Operator has the right to use all the authorities provided by the Civil Code of RA.

3. Period of agreement and terms of use

  1. The Agreement shall come into effect at the moment when the Customer fills in his or her personal data in the registration form when ordering Yerevan Card.  
  2. The Operator has the right to do changes in this Agreement by publishing it on the Official Web page without prior notification of the Customer, and the Customer accepts the fact that before making the order he/she is obliged to read the text of the Agreement as amended. 
  3. The Customer agrees to the Agreement terms by putting a mark in the appropriate field of the registration form when ordering Yerevan Card (I have read and accepted the terms of User Agreement).
  4. The Customer has the right to refuse his or her acceptance to this Agreement which means that he/she refuses services provided by the operator.

4. Filling the order form when purchasing or booking the card online

The Customer undertakes to complete all fields of the online registration form on the Site when ordering the Card, namely: name and surname, the country of residence, data about Bank Card (Card details are filled out only in case of online purchase), valid e-mail address, phone number. The Customer needs to choose the method of obtaining the Card (Redemption point of delivery), in case of delivery- the address, and date. In the case of delivery, the Customer needs to mention the exact day and hour. After filling the form, the Customer confirms acceptance of the Agreement terms in a manner specified in the Agreement.

5. Rights and obligations of the Customer

  1. The Customer is obligated to fully perform its obligation mention in this agreement.
  2. The Customer has the right to make an Order on the Official Webpage and receive it in the Redemption Points or have it delivered to the mentioned place in Yerevan in accordance with the Agreement terms.
  3. The Customer shall not be allowed to reproduce, repeat, duplicate, resell any information from the Official Webpage, post it on other sites, or use for commercial or promotional purposes.
  4. At the redemption points or in case of delivery the Customer shall present a unique Order number or the Voucher sent by e-mail.

6. Rights and obligations of the Operator

  1. The operator periodically updates the website information and guarantees the accuracy of information provided in the guide at the moment of its publication. Working terms and conditions of museums and attractions can be changed; therefore, we suggest the cardholder to check opening hours and other information before visiting the desired attraction through its official website. Any place of interest might be removed from the list offered, but it will be replaced with an identical organization.
  2. Partners of Yerevan Card are the leading organizations of the sphere. Agreement between partners is contract-based. The operator doesn’t hold responsibility for shortcomings by the partner organizations concerning the duties that derive from the agreement. Nevertheless, the operator shall take all necessary measures to prevent such situations and provide high-quality services.
  3. The operator is not responsible for any issues that might affect your health at the partner organization. The operator is also not responsible for theft, damages or inconvenience that might arise at the partner organization. You can inform the operator about the issues and your concerns, which will be taken into account for refining the service.  
  4. The operator is not eligible to provide any reimbursement for unused services within the period of validity. The operator is also not responsible for services that have not been provided at partner organizations due to technical or other issues. In case of similar issues or force major situation, the operator will notify the clients as soon as possible by publishing the information on the website.
  5. Card offers do not include temporary exhibitions and are not summed up to other discounts offered by the partners. The card is not designed for offering free or discounted entry to private events. Information about such an event should be requested directly from the hosting organization.
  6. “Yerevan Card” program’s discounts are applied in prices published on the official web page of the hotel/hostel. In order to receive discounts, during the booking, you must specify the availability of “Yerevan Card” or show it to hotels/ hostels employees when you will arrive (check-in). Yerevan Card’s discounts are not available when bookings were done using other agencies or web pages (ex.,,, etc) since these operators can already provide other discounts. For getting your discounts, please, book the room on the official web page of your preferred hotel/ hostel mentioning the Yerevan Card’s booking/purchase voucher code or contact us ([email protected]). To avoid problems, it is preferable to contact the information center of the hotel/hostel or the “Yerevan Card’s” operator in advance.
  7. The Operator lets the Customer make an online Order on the Official Webpage in accordance with the Agreement terms.
  8. The Operator shall specify on the Official Webpage the price of Yerevan Card.
  9. The Operator reserves the right to unilaterally change the Card price offered on the Official Webpage, but this does not affect in any way the Orders which have been paid for previously.

7. Purchase cancellation and refund

7.1 Purchase cancellation

  • Case 1If you bought “Yerevan Card” offline or online and received the package, you should bring the full package to our head office along with your ID. You may return it within 30 days after your purchase date.
  • Case 2.If you bought “Yerevan Card” online and haven’t received the package yet, then you may write an email to [email protected] within 30 days after the purchase date mentioning the full name of the buyer, cancellation reason, and the voucher code. As soon as we receive your request, the purchase cancellation process will start.

The operator may cancel the order if,

  • The system doesn’t confirm the payment in 4 working days.
  • An error occurred while processing your order.

If your order is canceled by our operator, you'll instantly get an email notification.

7.2 Refund

A refund is possible only when the returned package is full and unused and the card is not activated. Upon cancellation of Yerevan Card, the company refunds money in cash or via online bank transfer according to the used purchase method.

  • Refund in cash – You can get reimbursement only for an unused card. The full price of the package will be reimbursed. If your purchase was in cash, you can receive your refund from our head office only. If the package is not full, the reimbursement is not possible.
  • Online bank transfer – if have you purchased Yerevan Card online and already received your package, the refund will be made through an online bank transfer within 30 days after returning the full package to Yerevan Card head office. A refund of money for cards purchased online is possible via online method only. If you cancel your order before receiving the package the refund process will start upon receiving the cancellation letter. The full price (excluded the transaction fees) of the package will be refunded. 

If during the online purchase some issues arise because of the Operator (or the system) the paid amount will be returned immediately. The Operator shall notify the Customer about Order cancellation within 24 hours, by sending an e-mail to the address specified during Order completion, and shall perform refund during 30 banking days.

If you have lost or damaged your card, but you haven’t activated it yet, you can get a new one in our customer support office or you can get 100% refund if you return all other components (unused) of the package. The duration of a banking transfer depends on the customer’s location and bank. The company is not responsible for further banking transaction costs and/or costs for returning the package.

The company will not refund money if a partner organization was closed on the day the tourist wanted to visit it.  

The refund process is regulated according to the RA legislation.

The online booking can also be canceled. You need to send an email to [email protected] within 30 days after your booking date by mentioning the full name, cancellation reason and the voucher code. The refund process will start upon receiving your request.

8. Prices and Sales points

Yerevan card has a single fixed price both at online and offline sales points. The Card’s price might be changed based on the changes in the pricing policy of the partner organizations. It is recommended to check the availability of your desired card at a particular sale point (the contact details are given in the website), as the operators don’t hold responsibility for the availability of specific cards.

9. Security of personal data

Your data privacy is very important to us. We take technical measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access or destruction. We take technical measures to protect your data from unauthorized access or destruction. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the RA Data Protection Legislation ("Privacy Law"). The purpose of personal data collection is automated analytics in the context of marketing research.

The operator does not check the personal data provided by the customer, considering them credible. The customer takes responsibility of incomplete and incorrect information. 

According to the regulations of the “Global Colibri” LLC, the company is obliged to protect the privacy of the Client's personal data and has no right to disclose such information to any third party except as required by the court, law enforcement or other lawful cases.

10. Final Provisions

  1. This document is a signed agreement between customer and operator which defines the terms of use. In case of problems, the contract is the main document which is also available on the website.
  2. If the specific cases missing in the contract, the operator and customer relations are regulated by the legislation of RA.
  3. In the case of problems, firstly, operator and customer will solve issues via negotiations otherwise; they will be solved based on the legislation of RA.
  4. If some clauses are invalid by the Court, it does not mean that others are invalid in the contract.
  5. The customer agrees on all clauses listed in the contract at the moment of buying a card.
  6. The Operator has the right to stop online sales of all types of cards due to force majeure. Before that, the purchases are considered valid. Due to unexpected circumstances (force majeure), without informing the customer, the operator has the right to stop the site.

11. Copyrights

The copyright of the texts and other files presented on the website is the property of “Global Colibri” LLC. Usage of the information without prior permission is forbidden.

By purchasing and using Yerevan Card, you agree to the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

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