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“Yerevan Card” is the official city pass which is a unique means for using privileges almost in all the institutions and services offered in the city. The card gives the opportunity of free visit to the museums, attractions, participation in the city tours, as well as usage of city transport (taxi, subway). With this card you can also receive discounts during 1 year at the best restaurants, shops, hotels and the partner organizations the number of which exceeds 150. Having paid once a reasonable sum for a package which includes common access card, free comprehensive guidebook (135 sheets), the map of the city, mobile application and the mobile SIM card (with a possibility of free calls to operator and with the free Internet) and free 24-hour (office working hours:9:00-20:00, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00-20:00) information support, you enjoy a saturated, fascinating tour saving a considerable sum amount.

Currently, “Yerevan Card” offers 7 types of cards:

  • 1 day – 24h
  • 2 days – 48h
  • 3 days – 72h
  • 5 days 120h
  • 7 days – 168h
  • Card with unlimited time.
  • Yerevan Card Kids

"Yerevan card" is activated after the card owner or the employee of the museum; attraction or entertainment venue writes the cardholder’s name/surname, activation date and time on the card and scans it using the terminal (card reader). After the cards activation the program starts countdown of hours corresponding to the number of hours on the card type. As soon as the limit is reached the card deactivates free entrees, but you can still enjoy discounts and special offers for a whole year. 

Card with unlimited time is valid for 12 months after activation. The Card gives an opportunity to visit 20 top museums by single entry access within 12 months, also to visit places of entertainment and to participate in tours (including city tour), use public transport (transfer from the airport or taxi service in the city, subway) as well as to get substantial discounts of more than 150 partner organizations (restaurants, shops, hotels, entertainment places, various service delivery points and etc.). Free access institutions involved in the card are marked with a special sign   in the guide, official web page and in the mobile application.

"Yerevan Card" is for individual use only. It is the property of “Global Calibri” LLC. After the activation the card can’t be returned, transferred to other individual or exchanged. 

Features of the "Yerevan card"

The full package includes:

“Yerevan Card” is also a metro ticket (it offers fixed amount of entries to Yerevan Metro). In order not to wait in lines (in the museums and other attractions) we offer “Fast Track Entry”, so that you can enter your desired sight without waiting in the line.   

You can learn more about all feature of the card in the section The benefits of the tourist card.

Guide, map, mobile sim card, Free transfer and tour coupon

The package includes significant unique guide, by using which you can find all the required and necessary information for making your stay more efficient. You will find information about all the museums, excursions and other partner organizations, along with their offers, information about their location and how reach them. You will also find information about discounts offered by shops, restaurants and other entities, and other useful information.

Also, the package includes the map of the city, where the partner organizations are marked for your convenience.

With the mobile card containing in “Yerevan Card” package you can make unlimited calls to our 24-hour information service operator. Additionally, you’ll have 200mb free internet daily (total number of days corresponds to number of days mentioned on your “Yerevan Card”). The Card with unlimited time offers 3-day free Internet. 

You can learn more about mobile card in the section The benefits of the tourist card.

Yerevan Card gives the opportunity to use ggTaxi service and get a Free transfer service from “Zvartnots” International Airport to any point in Yerevan оr from Yerevan to the airport. If you don't need airport transfer, you can use your one free taxi ride in Yerevan up to 15km. The "gg" service has more than 11,000 registered users, large number of drivers and thousands of happy customers.

You can learn more about Free transfer in the section The benefits of the tourist card.

You can use your tour coupon for participating in any of the excursions offered by "Yerani travel" company. You need to tick the corresponding part of the coupon.

You can learn more about tour coupon card in the section The benefits of the tourist card.

How to buy the card

There are few options available for purchasing the card. If you have planned your trip in advance, the best option would be to purchase it online from our website. Learn more about the other options in the section How to buy.

Terms of use

The usage of the card and other activities are being monitored. You can read more about the safety of your personal information, data supplement, returning policy and other activities in the section Public contract.   

To buy or not to buy Yerevan Card?  Independent reviews of our lovely travelers will help you!



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1 day / 24 hours -
35 USD
1 day / 24 hours -
30 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
45 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
36 USD