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"Yerevan Card" is a official city pass designed for tourists The package includes an e-Card, a guidebook and map of Yerevan, a SIM card, a transfer coupon, travel coupon and a badge. According to the prescribed period, it gives a free single access to Yerevan museums, places of entertainment and local excursions. Yerevan Card gives a single entry access to various museums, excursions and entertainment venues (free or discounted) that are included in the program. With Yerevan Card you will get discounts from partner organizations. There are 7 types of cards – 24h (1 day), 48h (2 days), 72h (3 days), 120h (5 days), 168h (7 days), Yerevan Card Kids and card with unlimited time, which is valid for one year. You can activate your card within 12 months after the purchase. The card is activated after the card owner or the employee of the museum; attraction or entertainment venue writes the cardholder's name/surname, activation date and time on the card and scans it using the terminal (card reader). After the activation the program starts counting the hours based on the card type. Card deactivates free entries after the expiry of the time limit, but you can still enjoy discounts and special offers for a whole year. 

Yerevan Card front    Yerevan Card front

The unique code of the card and other details are entered into the program using the card reader, after which the tourist gets an opportunity of entry. The card works with NFC. To enter the museum you simply need to bring the card close to the reader device.

          Terminal Yerevan Card

"Yerevan card" is not valid unless it includes your full name on it. The card can be used only by a person whose name is mentioned on it. Yerevan card serves as a free transport pass for metro (with fixed amount of rides). According to the provisions of the Charter of “Global Colibri” LLC, the amount left on your card cannot be exchanged or returned.

You have the opportunity to use "gg" service and get a free transfer to use:

Case1. From “Zvartnots” International Airport to any point in Yerevan оr Vice Versa

Case2. If you don't need the airport transfer, you can use it as a city taxi (2 free taxi rides: 6-8km each one)

For more details about the airport transfer click here

Yerevan Card also gives an opportunity to get discounts and gifts from partner organizations of the program (food chains, shops, different service providers, etc.), which are listed  in the guide and in the official website beforehand. Yerevan Card includes 24-hour information service, which will be an irreplaceable guide during your stay in Yerevan. You can get any information or make various reservations.

With the mobile card containing in “Yerevan Card” package you can make unlimited calls to our 24-hour information service operator. Additionally, you’ll have 200mb free internet daily (total number of days corresponds to number of days mentioned on your “Yerevan Card”).The card with unlimited time includes free internet access for 3 days.

You can use free internet for downloading and using “Yerevan Card’s” mobile app. Free entries to museums, places of entertainment and excursions are active within the valid period only, but the discounts and special offers will be valid for 1 year after the expiry of the card’s time limit. The list of partners may be changed any time based on the agreement. For free entry to the museum, you should present the e-card included in the package. 

Yerevan Card is for individual use only. It is the property of “Global Colibri” LLC. After the activation the card can’t be returned, transferred to other individual or exchanged.  Upon entry you should present any identity document along with your e-card to the museum employee. If you don’t present your ID card the employee has the right not to give you free entry ticket.  Damaged, lost or stolen cards can be restored with the assistance of client support center.

In case of violation of Yerevan Card’s rules, the card will be blocked.

The services, which are included in a given year, maybe invalid for the next year.

1. Company’s Responsibilities

The operator periodically updates the website information, as well as guarantees accuracy of information provided in the guide at the moment of its publication. Working terms and conditions of museums and attractions can change; therefore, we suggest the cardholder to check opening hours and other information before visiting the desired attraction or the timetable of the excursions through the program’s official website. Any company might be excluded from the partners’ list, but it will immediately be replaced with identical organization.

Partners of Yerevan Card are the leading organizations in the given sphere. Cooperation with partners is based on the contract. The operator doesn’t hold responsibility for shortcomings by the partner organizations concerning the duties that derive from the agreement. Nevertheless, the operator shall take all necessary measures to prevent such situations and provide high quality services.

The operator is not responsible for any issues that might affect your health at the partner organization. The operator is also not responsible for theft, damages or inconvenience that might arise at the partner organization. The operator is not responsible for loss or damage of the card. You may inform the staff of “Yerevan Card” about the issues and your concerns, which will be taken into account for refining the service.  

The operator is not eligible to provide any reimbursement for unused services within the period of validity or for services that have not been provided at partner organizations due to technical or other issues. In case of similar issues or force major situation, the operator will notify the clients as soon as possible by publishing the information on the website.

Card offers do not include temporary exhibitions. Card discounts are not summed up to other discounts offered by the partners. The card is not designed for offering free or discounted entry to private events. Information about such an event should be requested directly from the hosting organization.

2. Purchase cancellation and refund

Purchase cancellation

  • Case 1. If you bought “Yerevan Card” offline or online and received the package, you should bring the full package to our head office along with your ID.

You may return it within 30 days after your purchase date.

  • Case 2.If you bought “Yerevan Card” online and haven’t received the package , than you may write an email to [email protected] within 30 days after the purchase date mentioning the full name of the buyer, cancellation reason, and the voucher code. As soon as we receive your request, the purchase cancellation process will start.

The operator may cancel the order if,

  • The system doesn’t confirm the payment in 4 working days.
  • An error occurred while processing your order.

If your order is cancelled by our operator, you'll instantly get an email notification.


Refund is possible only when the returned package is full and unused and the card is not activated. Upon cancelation of Yerevan Card the company refunds money in cash or via online bank transfer according to the used purchase method.

  • Refund in cash – You can get reimbursement only for an unused card. Full price of the package will be reimbursed. If your purchase was in cash, you can receive your refund from our head office only. If the package is not full, the reimbursement is not possible.

Online bank transfer – if have you purchased Yerevan Card online and already received your package, the refund will be made through online bank transfer within 30 days after returning the full package to Yerevan Card head office. Refund of money for cards purchased online is possible via online method only. If you cancel your order before receiving the package the refund process will start upon receiving the cancelation letter. Full price of package will be refunded. 

If during the online purchase some issues arise because of Operator (or the system) the paid amount will be returned immediately. The Operator shall notify the Customer about Order cancellation within 24 hours, by sending an e-mail to the address specified during Order completion, and shall perform refund during 30 banking days.

If you have lost or damaged your card, but you haven’t activated it yet, you can get a new one at our customer support office or you can get 90% refund if you return all other components (unused) of the package. 

The company will not refund money if partner organization was closed on the day the tourist wanted to visit it.  The duration of banking transfer depends on customer’s location and bank. The company is not responsible for further banking transaction costs and/or costs for returning the package. The refund process is regulated according to RA legislation.

The online booking can also be cancelled. You need to send an email to [email protected] within 30 days after your booking date by mentioning the full name, cancellation reason and the voucher code. Refund process will start upon receiving your request.

3. Prices and Sales Selling Points

Yerevan card has a single fixed price at sales points. Discounts or special offers might be available if you purchase your card online. You can learn more by visiting our website. The Card’s price can change based on the changes in pricing policy of the museums and other partner organizations. The operator does not hold responsibility for the availability of all types of cards in sales points. It is recommended to check the availability of specific card at particular sales point via the contact details provided in the website.  

4. Protection of personal data

When you provide your personal data to the operator you are protected by RA legislation. The information is gathered for marketing use.  According to the Charter of “Global Colibri” LLC, the company is obligated to insure the confidentiality of personal data of consumer and not provide it to a third party.

5. Copyrights

The copyright of the guidebook’s texts is the property of “Global Colibri” LLC. Usage of the information without prior permission is forbidden. By purchasing and using Yerevan Card, you agree to above mentioned terms and conditions.

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