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1. What are the benefits of “Yerevan Card”?

“Yerevan card” is the official city pass of Yerevan, which provides best offer for anyone, which includes:

-Free entry to 40 museums and top attractions

-Free guided tours in Armenia and Yerevan

-Free guidebook, map, SIM card with internet

-Free usage of city transport (taxi, subway)

-Free information service and mobile application

-Big discounts in restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, clubs, etc.

2. What types of Card do You have?

“Yerevan Card” offers 12 types of cards:

-“Yerevan Card” with 1 day / 24h time period and “Yerevan Card” with 1 day / 24h time period for kids

-“Yerevan Card” with 2 days / 48h time period and “Yerevan Card” with 2 days / 48h time period for kids

-“Yerevan Card” with 3 days / 72h time period and “Yerevan Card” with 3 days / 72h time period for kids

-“Yerevan Card” with 5 days / 120h time period and “Yerevan Card” with 5 days / 120h time period for kids

-“Yerevan Card” with 7 days / 168h time period and “Yerevan Card” with 7 days / 168h time period for kids

-“Yerevan Card” with “Unlimited” time period and “Yerevan Card” with “Unlimited” time period for kids

3. How to activate the “Yerevan Card”?

The card is activated after the card owner or the employee of the museum; attraction or entertainment venue writes the cardholder's name/surname, activation date and time on the card and scans it using the terminal (card reader). After the activation the program starts counting the hours based on the card type. To enter the museum you simply need to bring the card close to the reader. "Yerevan card" is not valid unless it includes your full name on it.

4. Where to get the Yerevan Card?

Yerevan Card gives its customers an opportunity to purchase the cards through offline and online channels.

If you’re going to buy the Yerevan card online, as soon as you purchase your card, you will instantly receive a confirmation e-mail (with your voucher and QR code).  Also there’s an option when we can deliver the card to any location in Yerevan and hand it to you personally. The service is free of charge. In case of online purchase, the payment methods are Visa, Master and ArCa cards.

If You want to purchase the Yerevan Card offline from Yerevan`s sales points, then they are available for sale at our offices, partner organizations (museums and other venues) and Zvartnots International Airport. The list of sales points and addresses is presented in our official website. If you are planning a corporate visit or you are interested in wholesale purchase contact at [email protected]

5. What about the SIM card?

Along with the Yerevan Card you will receive Yerevan Guidebook, Yerevan Map and SIM card with credit.

With the mobile card containing in “Yerevan Card” package you can make unlimited calls to our 24-hour information service operator. Additionally, you’ll have 200mb free internet daily (total number of days corresponds to number of days mentioned on your “Yerevan Card”). The Card with unlimited time offers 3-day free Internet.

6. What about “Transfer”?

Yerevan Card includes Yerevan transport and Yerevan Metro.

Free car transfer service from “Zvartnots” International Airport to any point in Yerevan, or from any point in Yerevan to “Zvartnots” airport. You can need to download gg application and follow the instruction.


7. What kind of tours are included in Yerevan Card?

"Yerevan Card" provides You one-kick exclusive opportunity to participate in the best excursions in Yerevan and tours in Armenia for free. It includes Evening walking tour in Yerevan, City tour in Yerevan with HOP ON-HOP OFF bus, Megerian Carpet Factory tour, Ecotour in the production plant of Nairian, Ararat Brandy factory tour and also tour to Garni-Geghard or Amberd.

8. Can I use the same card with another person?

The card can be used only by a person whose name is mentioned on it.

9. Can I visit one museum more than once?

“Yerevan Card” allows you to visit over 40 museums for free. But You can visit a museum only one time.

10. Can I book a free tour with the Yerevan Card while not having it yet?

“Yerevan Card” allows you to book your tour while you are in your country and have not got your “Yerevan Card” yet. You can book your tour by contacting us with [email protected].

Buy card online

Yerevan Card 24
yerevan card for  Children 24 hours
Yerevan Card 48
yerevan card for Children 48 hours


1 day / 24 hours -
35 USD
1 day / 24 hours -
30 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
45 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
36 USD