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Transport in yerevan

Though the city center of Yerevan can be explored even on foot, nevertheless we present you the main public  modes of transportation  in the city.

  • minibus
  • bus
  • trolleybus
  • subway or Metro

The most popular public transport in Yerevan are the buses and minibuses. They have special destinations and stops. They are comfortable for the citizens and tourists. The cost of the route is 100 AMD.

Trolleys are considered to be one of the most eco vehicles. They are also very colorful and give a unique breath to Yerevan.

Unlike a bus ticket, in the case of a trolley, the ticket costs 50 AMD. Trolleybus in Yerevan has been used since 1949 and is still one of the favorite vehicles of Yerevan residents. It has 6 routes, moving relatively slowly than other vehicles, which will let you explore the buildings and streets of Yerevan more efficiently.

Yerevan Metro was opened in 1981. Frequency of train traffic is 5 minutes for busy hours and up to 15 minutes for other hours. Metropolitan is one of the unique symbols of Yerevan. It allows you to avoid traffic and get to the part of the city in a few minutes.

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