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Yerevan Card

"Yerevan Card" is the official city pass which is a unique means for using privileges almost in all the institutions and services offered in the city. The card gives the right of free visit to the museums, attractions, free participation in the city tours and usage of city transport (taxi, subway). With this card you can also receive discounts during 1 year at the best restaurants, shops, hotels and the partner organizations the number of which exceeds 150.

Order Your Card Online

Yerevan Card 24
yerevan card for  Children 24 hours
Yerevan Card 48
yerevan card for Children 48 hours


1 day / 24 hours -
35 USD
1 day / 24 hours -
30 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
45 USD
2 days / 48 hours -
36 USD

How to use

"Yerevan Card" is a official city pass designed for tourists The package includes an e-Card, a guidebook and map of Yerevan, a SIM card, a transfer coupon, travel coupon and a badge. According to the prescribed period, it gives a free single access to Yerevan museums, places of entertainment and local excursions. Yerevan Card gives a single entry access to various museums, excursions and entertainment venues (free or discounted) that are included in the program. With Yerevan Card you will get discounts from partner organizations. There are 7 types of cards – 24h (1 day), 48h (2 days), 72h (3 days), 120h (5 days), 168h (7 days), 240h (10 days) and Yerevan Card Kids. You can activate your card within 12 months after the purchase. The card is activated after the card owner or the employee of the museum; attraction or entertainment venue writes the cardholder's name/surname, activation date and time on the card and scans it using the terminal (card reader). After the activation the program starts counting the hours based on the card type.

Yerevan Card front
Yerevan Card back

To enter the museum you simply need to bring the card close to the reader. "Yerevan card" is not valid unless it includes your full name on it. The card can be used only by a person whose name is mentioned on it.

How does the Yerevan Card work?
Select the card type
that suits your trip
your card
your card
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How and Where to buy

Yerevan Card gives its customers an opportunity to purchase its cards through offline and online channels.

1. Online Purchase

1.1 Online purchase without delivery

As soon as you purchase your card online, you will instantly receive a confirmation e-mail (with your voucher and QR code). 

1.2 Online purchase with delivery

We can deliver the card to any location in Yerevan and hand it to you personally. The service is free of charge. In case of online purchase, the payment methods are PayPal, Visa, Master and ArCa cards.

 1.3 Online reservation without delivery

In case of online reservation (booking does not require completing the information of your credit card) you will receive an e-mail with your reservation code. 

1.4 Online reservation with delivery

In case of online reservation (booking does not require to complete the data of your card) you will receive an e-mail with your reservation code. The card can be delivered to any hotel, apartment or hostel located in Yerevan. The courier will deliver the card and will hand it to you after you make the payment (by cash or through debit/credit card). Delivery is free of charge.  

2. Offline purchase from Yerevan Card`s sales points

Yerevan cards are available for sale at our offices, partner organizations (museums and other venues). The list of sales points and addresses is presented in our official website. If you are planning a corporate visit or you are interested in wholesale purchase contact at [email protected]


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