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Sky season in armenia

Armenia is very beautiful in winter thanks to its mountain landscapes and snow. Due to this view, the nature seems to be very alive.

You can spend your vacation at this wonderful time of the year by choosing Armenia. One of the winter resorts is ski resort. There are all conditions there for skiers. The visitors may rent skies and even a personal instructor. The ski resort is not only the physical activity but also a chance to enjoy the mountain air. And after it, everybody would be happy to have dinner or drink a cup of tea or coffee in the café which is in mountain landscape.

There are three ski resorts in Armenia. They are in Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Sevan.

Tsaghkadzor is one of the best resorts in Armenia. It is considered the best because every visitor can choose his type of skiing. It also has a good service and experienced instructors. Besides the wonderful nature and soft climate, there are also many hotels and good restaurants there. The Highest track is 2.8km in Tsaghkadzor. It includes 15 different categories of difficulty. They have their own colors and each of them has its difficulty. The black and red tracks are intended for beginners. The ropeway and the main sport complex is the proud of Tsaghkadzor.

The ski resort started to flutter in Jermuk in 2007. The ski slopes are located in 170km from the southeast of Erevan on Shish mountain. The ski tracks are considered for beginners and amateures. The total length of tracks is about 2,6km. Those who just like skiing can use the tracks in Jermuk. Visitors also can try the national Armenian kitchen admire the wonderful nature. There are also many comfortable hotels in Jermuk.

Lake Sevan is one of the largest alpine lakes in the world. This true wonder of nature is located in the very center of the Armenian Highlands, surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges at an altitude of 1900m, with picturesque nature, steep slopes and cliffs. Endless meadows and mountain peaks, which are almost always covered with white snow. Clean air and dazzling beauty will leave an unforgettable impression on you as well as you can enjoy the beauty of the most ancient temples of Armenia. The third ski complex of Armenia is located in Sevan.There you can often meet beginners and amateurs who begin their skiing career. The ski resort in Sevan began relatively recently. A decent level of service, good natural and climatic conditions prepared tracks, many good hotels, to attract more tourists in the winter. Soon this place will attract more and more tourists and just lovers of outdoor activities. In 2001, the cable station was opened, the lower platform of which is located next to the hotel Akhtamar, on the slope of the Uryatstap Mountain. The length of 1130 meters, there are two well-groomed tracks, black and blue.

Blue track stretches serpentine to the length of the cable car, the length of which is approximately 1,2km.Ski resorts are rapidly developing in Armenia. Ski slopes of Armenia will be appreciated both by experienced both by experienced skiers and beginners in this sport. Beautiful nature, warm atmosphere, good service and delicious cuisine will be remembered for a long time and will leave vivid impressions.

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