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Winter holiday armenia

Explore the winter Armenia or winter vacations in Armenia

If you are surrounded by hospitable people, you heat in the dead of winter, you're standing in the middle of a beautiful area, and in the distance you can see the snowy peaks of Mount Ararat, then congratulations you are in Armenia!

So, Welcome to the fabulous winter Armenia!

This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the historical and cultural values of Yerevan and the sights of Armenia, enjoy the mountain landscapes, as well as learn the history of the ancient nation.

Our tale begins with Yerevan - the capital of Armenia. Winter Yerevan is warm and snowy. And if suddenly you feel cold, then Yerevan offers you a huge number of bars, restaurants, clubs, where you will be surprised with unusual "New Year" dishes and you can spend the evening in a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

In winter, on New Year's Eve, the streets, cafes, shops of Yerevan and the whole city are decorated with beautiful lights, garlands and Christmas trees! The city comes to life in a special way and charges everyone with the magical spirit of Christmas! Many festive events are held in Yerevan, concerts are organized in the city, the famous Swan Lake in the heart of the city turns into an ice skating rink, the Christmas Fair opens on North Avenue, there are always a lot of people, music plays and the Christmas atmosphere always reigns!

If you want to create a real fairy tale for your children, visit Yerevan Winter Park and feel the breath of Christmas with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves, delicious Christmas cookies and not only ..!

And for lovers of active winter holidays, we propose to plunge entirely into the beauty of Armenia! Such a holiday is becoming increasingly popular in Armenia. Armenia is famous for its fascinating mountain scenery and, of course, the winter ski resorts in Tsakhkadzor, Sevan and Jermuk. Here you can ski, skate, enjoy all kinds of winter sports. The season of the ski resort begins from the middle of December and lasts until the middle of March. In the mountains there are a huge number of trails; all well maintained and constantly processed. These trails suitable for both skiers and snowboard lovers. There are cable stations that meet all international standards. Next to the stations there are sports equipment rental shops and, if you are even a beginner in this matter, then a personal instructor will help you.

In winter Armenia you can relax in other resorts, such as: Dilijan, Aghveran, Hankavan. Hotels provides a wide range of high quality services. Friendly staff will be happy to help you spend an unforgettable vacation in Armenia.

Holidays in Armenia in winter as attractive as in other seasons. Even in winter you can visit the main sights of Armenia, most of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Winter tours to Armenia include a visit Sevan - the pearls of Armenia, the Garni temple, the Geghard monastery, the Khor Virap monastery, offering the best view of Mount Ararat, and many other treasures of our country. And during the excursions you can taste the most delicious traditional dishes of the local cuisine and the national bread – Lavash.

As you have already understood, Armenia in winter is beautiful. And you can visit not only the resorts of Armenia, but also to immerse yourself in its rich history and enjoy the beauty of nature. In winter, Armenia turns into a fabulous place. And the hospitable inhabitants of Armenia will always meet you heartily and will not let you feel the winter cold.

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