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What to see in winter armenia

Things to see and things to do in winter Armenia

Armenia is the country of contrasts – rocks and sun, white winters and warm summers, cultural events and zip-lining. The country with all colors in, can offer the best for urban, extreme & cultural lovers. There is no matter what the time of the year – hot summer or cold winter, colorful autumn or blooming spring. Armenia has to offer the variety of activities. Spatially for you we collect the best things to see in Armenia. So, take your winter clothes and let’s explore the winter Armenia with us!

  1. Visit Garni Temple

Winter activities in Armenia includes the UNESCO’s heritage listed temple and monastery – Garni and Geghard. It is located very close to the capital city. First, you will explore the pre-Christian history of Armenia. After Christianity, all Pagan temples in Armenia were destroyed and replaced with Churches & monasteries, except for this particular Garni Temple which was apparently too beautiful to be destroyed.  Garni is the only pagan temple in all Soviet Union territory. Geghard Monastery is one of the greatest medieval architectural structures in Armenia. Geghard is completely hollowed out in a cave, it is also called a "cave monastery". This monastery was founded in the 4th century AD.

One-day tour package to Garni, includes beautiful monastery Geghard, is must see in Armenia during winter time.

  1. Relax or ski at the beautiful winter wonderland Tsaghkadzor

For the winter activity lovers we offer to visit Armenian winter wonderland – Tsaghkadzor. This city is a famous ski resort of Armenia, located on the slopes of Mount Tanegiz, at an altitude of 1840 m, which is 10 meters below the highest ski station of French resort Courchevel. On the top point of skiing resort, opens spectacular views of Lake Sevan and the Ararat Mountain. The affordable prices, high quality ski trails and the welcoming environment of the winter resorts makes for unforgettable experiences and memories. Ski resort offers you 3 stages and other winter activities. The price for 1 stage is 2000 AMD (over 5 $), also you can take a pass for 1 day, ski rent is 5000 AMD (over 10$), snowboard - 7 000 AMD (over 14$).

So, winter Armenia tours always includes trips to Tsaghkadzor! Don’t miss it

  1. Zip-lining

Zip-lining in Armenia is the top things to do in Armenia during last 3 years. Thanks to Yell Extreme Park, Armenia can offer the various extreme activities – zip-lining, horseback riding, paragliding, rock climbing, etc. Zip-lining in Armenia operates year round, so you can experience the thrill in summer or winter!

  1. Try Armenian famous cognac - brandy

Being one of the oldest countries in the world, Armenia has a rich history that has brought forth many traditions, a strong culture, and unique cuisine. Locals highly appreciate the art of consuming traditional drinks, and the most popular national alcoholic drink is brandy. Armenian brandy, or cognac as it’s called by locals, is made from selected grapes that are grown in the Ararat Valley. ARARAT factory has been producing the beverage since the late nineteenth century. It must be noted that in 1900, the company obtained official permission to use the word “cognac” for the drink.

  1. Buy the present from charming Christmas Market

With the opening of the first Christmas market in 2012, Yerevan has completely immersed itself in the festive spirit. The scent of cloves, wine and pastries fill the air on Northern Avenue each year from December to January. Consisting of numerous wooden huts, the market offers all kinds of things, starting with food and ending with handmade Christmas gifts. Here, also, you can taste Armenian wine. So why not combine Christmas shopping with some fun?

  1. Try Armenian cuisine

Winter months in Armenia allow for the development of the cuisine in the best possible direction. Armenian tables get covered in seasonal dishes and all types of food. Sweet, savory and spicy food options will greet you on each step. You can enjoy your food in the warm environment of cafes or you can try out street food options. ​The start of cold months is also an opening for khash season, which is a staple of Armenian cuisine. It is prepared from beef feet and the bones and cooked all night. The result is a thick fragrant broth served with garlic and lavash. It may be surprising, but khash is eaten only in the mornings for breakfast! Winter months are also perfect for vegans and vegetarians who struggle to find tasty food options while abroad. During the winter time all restaurants in Armenia provide vegan options for famous dishes as well as original recipes.

  1. Visit winter park

The next thing to see in Yerevan is Winter Park. Just quit sulking, wrap up in warm winter clothes and head to this fairytale. Here you will be welcomed by Santa Claus and his elves. You will enjoy the ice-hills, ice-rink, festive Christmas atmosphere and feel the magical spirit of Lapland. In Winter Park, you will feel like a child again.

  1. Visit Yerevan’s museums

In Yerevan cultural events are always available. You can easily find the unique works in Yerevan’s museums. In History Museum of Armenia, you can see the oldest shoe in the world, discovered in the Areni Vayots Dzor. National Gallery of Armenia offers you 5 floors of Armenian and International fine arts. The smallest book in the world– (Church Calendar) from 1434 AC (weight 19g) and the biggest one (Msho Charentir) you will find in Matenadaran, which is registered in UNESCO's World Network of memory. And this is not all list of unique, interesting items waiting for you here in Armenia.

  1. Pomegranate Blessing Ceremony

Pomegranates are the Armenian symbol of life. The fruit has 365 seeds, one for each day of the year. So, every year, on December 31, at 24:00, you can participate to blessing ceremony one of all churches of Armenia. The purpose of ceremony is to start the year with the prayer, thanks for last year and bless the upcoming year. So, join the ceremony, it will be something special.

  1. Sevan

The high-mountainous Lake Sevan is the “pearl of Armenia”. Lake Sevan – located at an altitude of 1,900 m above sea level in the center of the Armenian highland, 63 km northeast of the Armenian capital of Yerevan city and is the largest of the Caucasus lakes. From all sides, Sevan is surrounded by mountain ranges, offering a stunning view of alpine lake. That’s why during winter time it has wonderful landscape with snowy mounts and frozen water.  Just take your time and visit Sevan at winter!


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