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5 interesting facts about Matenadaran

  1. Matenadaran named after Mesrop Mashtots is registered in UNESCO's World Network of memory. It  is located in Yerevan and presents to you a collection of ancient manuscripts. 
  2. Matenadaran is "one of the most important places of preservation of national memory and progress." The Matenadaran Museum Complex consists of 15 demonstration halls, which display thousands of exhibits intended for permanent, variable and exclusive displays. From the 20,000 ancient manuscripts kept in Matenadaran, holistic manuscripts and fragments, documents, old books, samples of precious bindings, some miniatures and manuscripts are exhibited in foreign languages.
  3. Here you can find the smallest book – Church Calendar  from 1434 AC (weight 19g) and biggest one is Msho Charentir (1200-1202 AC), which weighs 27.5 kg.
  4. The oldest manuscript fragments from V-VI centuries, and the most ancient illustrations and miniatures are in Echmiadzin Gospel. The oldest complete manuscript is Lazarev gospel (887 AC).
  5. You can visit Matenadaran Free of charge with Yerevan Card.

What you can see in Matenadaran

The manuscripts presented in the Matenadaran give a general idea of all fields of Armenian medieval science, the development of writing and art over the centuries. They represent the Armenian culture, beginning with the invention of Mashtots Armenian letters (405) to the XVIII century. Old Armenian translations, works concerning all spheres of science and culture of the Middle Ages, as well as samples of Armenian miniatures of the Middle Ages are presented.

In the hall of Oriental manuscripts visitors get acquainted with Persian, Arabic, Ottoman, Afghan and Uzbek manuscripts, the number of which in Matenadaran is more than 3000. These are religious, historiographical, philosophical, medical, instructive works, love novels of the Middle Ages and poems, as well as magnificent examples of oriental miniature and calligraphy.

Matenadaran is a major center of Armenian written culture, which is not only a repository of ancient manuscripts, but also a center for research of manuscripts and documents.

For the Free entrance to Matenadaran you can purchase Yerevan Card, which includes about 40 museums and has a lot of privileges that are intended to provide an interesting and economical trip for tourists. You can learn about Yerevan Card types here. If you have any questions or problems, please call (+374) 12 22 33 22, or write to our e-mail address and contact us by online chat.

Free with Yerevan Card

Adress Mashtots Avenue 53
          Yerevan 0009, Armenia

Tel +374 10 51-30-14


Open Working days
          Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00
          Last admission: 16:30
Close Days off 
          Sunday, Monday

          During New Year holidays
          the museum will be closed
          29.12.2019 - 07.01.2020.