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News / Archi Galentz, "Timeline – Side steps to avoid a diaster " Solo show in Modern Art Museum

Archi Galents , TIMELINE –  Steps To Avoid A Disaster

The exhibition will last till July 16.
“TIMELINE – Side Steps To Avoid A Disaster” is a site-specific installation, represented as a work in process. It combines new pieces and samples from 13 years of the artist’s creation. The meanings and symbols included in the framework of the exhibition will be extended into his speeches and discussions with the Armenian art community and a wider audience. New "banner" objects, created especially for this exhibition, appeal to communities of Armenia and the Diaspora for uniting into an independent “association” in order to reflect on Armenian visual art.

Further screenings, workshop and discussions schedule:
9th of July, 4 pm - Artist talk
11th of July, 5 pm – “Contours of Armenian visual art and its international representation”
13th of July, 5 pm - “Activities of InteriorDAsein/Berlin as an independent artist-run space for the last 10 years”
15th of July, 5 pm – “Kunstverein as an organization form for support and research of art as a possible platform for organizing long term strategies”.

Admission free.

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